Best Refrigerators 2018: Kenmore Side-By-Side Refrigerators

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How We Reviewed

Developing an honest and thorough review of the refrigerators meant analyzing product specifications while also considering customer reviews from websites such as Amazon and Sears. With this information, we compared a variety of models with different price points and feature options to help you select the ideal fridge system for your home. This review includes models with and without features such as dispensers and energy certifications.

Overall Price Range of This Product

Kenmore produces quality products that range from $800 to over $2000. The price increases with additional features, such as ice dispensers and improved air flow technology.

Top 10 Kenmore Side-By-Side Refrigerators

All Kenmore refrigerators can be purchased online through Amazon or Sears, or by visiting a Sears store in-person. Additional discounted options are available through the Sears Outlet. A majority of the refrigerators include a 13-month warranty with optional expanded protection plans.

Kenmore 36" Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Freezer with 25 Cubic Ft....
  • SLIM FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR COMBO: 25 cubic ft. side-by-side fridge and freezer provides ample fresh and frozen food...
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Features 15.46 cubic ft. of interior refrigerated space for fresh foods and 9.11 cubic ft. of...
  • EASY ACCESS SHELVING: Adjustable, easy-to-clean shelving gives you more shelf space for easier organizing, and can...

This side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator is a 25 cubic foot model and includes a built-in ice and water dispenser. Product depth with the handle included is 33.81 inches and height is 69.25 inches. The ice dispenser can serve both crushed ice and whole cubes.

The multiple shelving and compartment options make it a great choice for families who need to keep large quantities of food organized and easily accessible. There are shelves inside the door that can fit gallon-size milk jugs, and all the shelves within the fridge are removable and adjustable.

The fridge is well-reviewed by other customers. Repeated pros include quiet running, quality ice, quick ice production and an impressive amount of food storage space. A few customers wish the water dispenser could support larger cups. One negative point is the product is not energy star compliant.

kenmore 51763

This model is unique because it is energy star compliant, meaning it uses 10 to 30 percent less energy than other models. It has a size of 24.8 cubic feet, and a height of 69 inches, a width of 35 inches and a depth of 35 inches. The dimensions are similar to the 50043.

The dispenser serves crushed and whole ice and incorporates a water filter. Other key features include a contoured door style and an ice maker that is narrower than the 50043, which frees up more freezer space for additional cold food storage.

Previous customers like the LED lighting and the machine’s quiet running. Additional pros are an effective air freshening system within the fridge and quick installation. Some cons shared by previous customers include troubles with the ice maker and faulty thermostat sensors that led to iced up coils and fridge malfunctions.

Kenmore 51753 21 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water,...
  • This slim Kenmore side-by-side has 21 cu. ft. of capacity, great for fitting in groceries for the family, pre-made meals...
  • Adjustable easy-to-clean shelving, bins and clear crisper drawers give you plenty of options to stock your fridge just...
  • Gallon-sized door bins, a dairy shelf and tall item accommodation make grabbing commonly-used items quick and easy....

This model is in the more expensive refrigerator range which is partially due to its larger size. At 21 cubic feet, with a height of 66.25 inches, a width of 32 inches and a depth of 33.81 inches, the 51753 can store all the food the family will need for over a week.

Like some other Kenmore models, the defrost system is automatic, and ice can be served both crushed and whole. It comes in a sleek stainless steel grey color and has a well-lit interior that utilizes LED lighting.

Past customers do not like the small size of the freezer, which is already narrower than the fridge side and has top space devoted to the ice maker. However, strong pros are the size of the fridge portion of the unit and the easy convenience of the ice dispenser.

This white refrigerator option is 25.4 cubic feet with a height of 69 inches, a with-handle depth of 34.63 inches and a width of 35.5 inches. This makes the fridge slightly larger than both the 51753 and 50043. However, it costs less than the 51753 while still including an ice and water dispenser.

It is not energy star compliant. One impressive feature is a frost-free freezer that allows the storage of freezer items for a long time without that thin layer of shaved ice building up. The water dispenser utilizes a filter to remove lead and mercury before the liquid is consumed.

The 50022 has a similar con as the 51753. Customers do not like how much freezer space is consumed by the ice maker, and they also wish there was a deli drawer. However, pros noted in reviews include the adjustable shelves and approval of the optional meat drawer that can be ordered separately.

kenmore 41152

This more basic side-by-side model runs at a high price but can be purchased at a large discount through the Sears Outlet website. A size of 25 cubic feet makes it comparable to the 50022. However, it does not include an ice and water dispenser.

There are two shelves as opposed to the three or four shelf options previously presented. The shelves offer a spill-proof design, and larger door bins enable the storing of gallon-size containers. Additionally, there are three drawers in the lower portion of the fridge that are designed to hold snacks within easy reach of small children.

This refrigerator is well-reviewed by customers looking for a straightforward and effective design. Some cons are shelves that may break with extra-heavy usage and an occasional faulty thermostat. Other customers like the extra freezer space and the short amount of time between initial installation and full functionality.

Kenmore 51123

The Kenmore 51123 is a very popular side-by-side fridge option. At 25 cubic feet, the model has a size similar to the 41152 and 50022. Height is 69 inches, depth is 32.6 inches and width is 35 inches. The stainless-steel appearance looks nice in many modern kitchens.

Unique features include a CleanFlow air filter designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. Like the 41152, shelves are designed to be spill-proof. It is not energy star compliant.

A majority of previous customers like this option and think the price is extremely reasonable when considering the quality of the model. It does not produce a loud sound while running and has a very high storage capacity. Some cons include shelves not being adjustable and expensive water filters that need to be changed out.

kenmore 51869

This model embraces the more modern door-in-a-door design. It is 21.6 cubic feet with a height of 70 inches, depth of 31 inches and a width of 35 inches. It also incorporates an ice and water dispenser. All of these features make the 51869 one of the most modern models presented in this review.

The extra door allows easy access to items that are used more regularly. Air flow technology builds on the CleanFlow of the 51123 with a Multi Air Flow design. The interior is lit with LED lighting, and like the 51763, it is energy star compliant.

Despite the modern door-in-door design, customers prefer other models to this Kenmore refrigerator. Cons include shelves that have limited adjustment options, excessive noise while running and ice selection pad that is less friendly than previous models. Pros include the extra food access door, simple delivery process and positive air flow.

Kenmore 51713

This option has one of the highest price tags within this review. However, like the 41152, customers can find this model for a lower price on the Sear’s outlet website. At 23 cubic feet, it is slightly smaller than previously reviewed models and has a height of 69 inches, a depth of 30.5 inches and width of 35.5 inches.

The 51713 is unique because of its classification as a Kenmore Elite model. It is designed to be one of the top models for storing fresh food efficiently. There are three drawers and three shelves. One of the most significant features is the SpaceSaver ice system. Other models, such as the 51753 and 50022, received complaints about lack of freezer space due to the dispenser presence. This is not an issue with the 51713.

An additional pro is a SmartSense temperature management system that keeps food fresh in conjugation to the CleanFlow system presented in the Kenmore 51123 model. Cons shared by previous customers include shelves that need to be replaced often and a short water dispenser.

Kenmore 41153

This is another more simple and popular Kenmore side-by-side fridge model. Similar to the Kenmore 41152, the 41153 does not have an ice and water dispenser. It is 69 inches tall, 35.5 inches wide and 34.6 inches deep and utilizes a frost-free defrost system.

Another unique feature is the several lower drawers designed to hold cheese and meat separate from fruits and vegetables. The model is not energy star compliant and uses LED lighting.

Previous customers like the spacious storage arrangement and nice finish. Other reviews comment on how challenging it is to find a refrigerator without an ice maker, and that this model is an excellent option for those looking for a basic and highly effective design. Cons include a loud running noise and the inability to remove shelves.

Kenmore 51783

As a model that is advertised as being counter-depth, the 51783 has a smaller size at 21 cubic feet. The height is 69 inches, depth is 24.5 inches and width is 35 inches. The depth is the most unique specification, as previously described models have a depth around 34 inches. There is an ice and water maker included, and the model is stainless steel.

Like the 51713 and 51123, the Kenmore 51783 uses a CleanFlow air filter system to keep contents fresh. Door bins are large enough to hold gallon-sized containers, and the interior uses LED lighting to make it easier to identify items near the back.

Cons noted by previous customers include doors that swing too quickly, short freezer shelves and expensive price tags linked to shelf replacements. Some customers had negative experiences with the water dispenser leaking as well. Pros include quiet running noise and ideal default temperature settings.

Comparison Table

The information provided below is to be used for creating a comparison table.






Customer Rating

25 cubic feet

stainless steel


24.8 cubic feet

stainless steel


21 cubic feet

Stainless steel


25.4 cubic feet



25 cubic feet



25 cubic feet

stainless steel


21.6 cubic feet



23.1 cubic feet

stainless steel


25 cubic feet

Stainless steel


21 cubic feet

stainless steel


The Verdict

After researching ten of the best Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators on the market in 2018, we decided the best model is the Kenmore 51763. When compared to the other options, the price tag is a bit above average but includes worthwhile features. At 24.8 cubic feet, there is plenty of storage space for large and small items while also saving room for an ice and water dispenser. We especially like how all of these features are presented in an energy star certified fashion.

When selecting a refrigerator, first decide how much food you want to store and how much value you place on extra features. With that knowledge and the awareness gained from this review, you will be able to select the ideal system to meet your food storage needs.

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