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The Best Samsung Refrigerators – Are They Worth Looking Into?

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Samsung produces a wide variety of refrigerators. Whether you just moved into a new house or your ancient fridge is no longer keeping your milk cold, a Samsung refrigerator may be the right solution for your kitchen problems. When considering a Samsung refrigerator, it is important to think about the size, features and price.

Since a refrigerator is a daily use item, selecting the right one is critical. Thanks to technological advances, Samsung has several models with cutting-edge offerings. One feature of note is that some of the three-door French-door, four-door French-door and four-door Flex models come with Family Hub.

With so many options and models in the Samsung line, deciding which ones are the best can be confusing. That’s where this guide comes in. Knowing which features best suit your needs might make the refrigerator selection and buying process easier.

Product FAQs

​What is a Samsung refrigerator?

​How does Family Hub work?

​Where can you buy a Samsung refrigerator?

​How much do Samsung refrigerators cost?

​How We Reviewed

We explored all the choices, read all the reviews and opened a few fridges to find out which Samsung models were worth your money. We love the innovations and technology, especially the Bixby-enabled voice assistant. When the advanced features work, people often provide very positive reviews of their refrigerators. However, several customers complained of issues with panels and error codes.

refrigerator in a classy dining room

If you are selecting a higher-end model with more features, such as Family Hub, we strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty. Furthermore, several reviewers noted that Samsung’s technical repair and assistance were not as helpful compared to the services provided by major retailers. For that reason, we encourage you to consider buying an extended warranty from a retailer rather than from Samsung.

Overall Price Range of Samsung Refrigerators

​The suggested retail price range of a Samsung refrigerator varies between $749 and $4,599. Lower-priced models tend to have top freezers. As the prices increase, so too do the features. The lower-end models offer ice dispensers. The mid-range ones offer water and ice in the door. The high-end models include a touch screen with Family Hub that integrates the voice assistant Bixby and family calendars.

​​​​The Family Hub 24.2-cubic-foot, three-door French door wins the top spot because of its size, mid-range price point and features. A freestanding unit, its French-door features are wonderful for grabbing a few items at a time. Only opening one side of the fridge can help reduce energy costs and keep food fresher and cooler for longer periods of time.

Key Features

With the freezer on the bottom and four doors, this fridge keeps everyday goods at a comfortable eye level. The ice and water dispenser goes through the door. A door-open alarm keeps your food from going bad just because someone forgot to shut the door all the way. The doors provide gallon storage. The shelves are spill safe.

Of note is the Bixby voice assistant that recognizes your voice and provides personalized content. Additionally, the smart fridge feature integrates three internal built-in cameras. There are LED lights.

The fridge is 70 inches high by 35.75 inches wide with a total capacity of 24.2 cubic inches. There is dual evaporation, but the freezer is not frost-free. This refrigerator is ENERGY STAR certified.

Pros and Cons

Family Hub is a favorite feature. However, many users noted failures in the display and ice maker after short periods of time. Others said they had trouble getting Family Hub to connect to their phones to sync with calendars. For this reason, we recommend buying an extended warranty with any Samsung refrigerator.


​Where To Buy

​Most major retailers offer this model online and in stores. It also is available on the Samsung website.


The warranty is one year for parts and labor on the refrigerator, five years for parts and labor on the sealed refrigeration system and 10 years for parts and five years for labor on the digital inverter compressor.


​Many stores run sales around major holidays. This model can often be found for as much as $500 less than the retail price. The Samsung website also runs sales regularly.

​​​​​The Showcase 27.8-cubic-foot, four-door, French-door refrigerator has showcase doors where everyone can have his or her own section in the fridge. There is an inner case for larger items and an exterior showcase door for easy access to soda, water and condiments. The stainless-steel paneling helps maintain a consistent interior temperature.

Key Features

The freestanding Showcase 27.8-cubic-foot, four-door, French-door refrigerator is not panel ready. The side-by-side doors are fingerprint resistant. Ice and cold water are dispensed through the door. There is a door-open alarm. The temperature is controlled digitally. Unlike the previous fridge on our list, the Showcase offers a frost-free freezer, and defrosting is manual.

There is a quick-access door and spill-safe shelves. The unit is ENERGY STAR certified.

Pros and Cons

The pros are that the unit looks great and is spacious. Users loved the showcase doors and how easy it was to get to everything inside the fridge. Overall, the majority of buyers said they would recommend this Samsung refrigerator to a friend.

The cons were that several users found the ice maker to be of poor quality with crushed cubes coming out when whole cubes were selected. Additionally, many users complained that the refrigerator sounded very noisy. Others disliked how the shelves were fixed. Several users noted that if the water from the condenser froze it would clog the drain and cause water to drip through the rear wall into the refrigerator until the water pooled underneath the crisper drawer and caused major damage.


​Where To Buy

​​Many retailers carry this product, including Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot and other major appliance stores. The Samsung website also carries all models.


​The manufacturer warranty for parts and labor is one year for the fridge and five years for the sealed refrigeration system. The parts for digital inverter compressor are covered for 10 years, and the labor for this compressor is covered for five years.


​​There are regular sales on this model. Additionally, many stores offer open-box specials or discounts on floor models, which can save you between $400 and $600.

​At 70 inches tall and 35.75 inches wide, the 25.5-cubic-foot, French-door refrigerator with internal water dispenser from Samsung has an ice maker and a sleek design that can fit up to 26 bags of groceries. The inside lighting is highly efficient and sleek, saving space and providing a well-lit interior. The spill-proof shelves are made with tempered glass. The freezer has an EZ-Open Handle on the door. Inside the freezer is an automatic pull-out upper drawer.

Key Features

​Significantly simpler than the other previous models in this review, the 25.5-cubic-foot, French-door refrigerator with internal water dispenser is a good mid-range option. With filtered water inside, this fridge makes sure cool water is always available. Furthermore, the power freeze and power cool options help chill drinks quickly or firm up melting ice cream in a hurry. The CoolSelect Pantry cools room-temperature drinks and can defrost foods safely. Similar to other Samsung refrigerators, it has a door that holds gallon-sized containers.

Pros and Cons

Users enjoyed the capacity and design. The price was very reasonable for the features. Some users enjoyed the water being inside the door while others disliked having to open the door to access chilled water.

The main complaint was that the fridge made a lot of noise, particularly when users opened the sliding freezer drawer. Other complaints were that ice cubes fell out of the tray when the freezer door opened and that the unit dented easily.

25.5-Cubic-Foot, French-Door Refrigerator With Internal Water Dispenser


​Where To Buy

​​​The 25.5-cubic-foot, French-door refrigerator with internal water dispenser is available at most major retailers, such as Best Buy and Sears, in addition to being available on the Samsung website.


​​The warranty is limited to the original purchaser and covers one year parts and labor on the refrigerator and five years parts and labor on the sealed refrigeration system. The digital inverter compressor is covered for 10 years for parts and five years for labor.


​Coupons and deals are most often offered around major holidays, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Several stores will offer open-box or floor model specials that can bring the price down by several hundred dollars.

​Featuring a Twin Cooling Plus system, the 28.15-cubic-foot, four-door, French-door refrigerator with counter-height FlexZone Drawer is another great Samsung option. This model can fit up to 28 bags of groceries. Its unique FlexZone drawer has a divider and four temperature-control settings. The ice maker is capable of producing 10 pounds of ice per day and can store 4.2 pounds of ice. Inside, a high-efficiency LED emits less heat and is more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting.

Key Features

​This model keeps near commercial-grade humidity levels and provides drier freezer air, resulting in less freezer burn and better-tasting foods. The shelves are adjustable and can be slid in for more space or flipped up for more storage.

Pros and Cons

The pros are that there is a lot of space in the unit and that it made a significant amount of ice. The design was well executed, and most buyers loved the refrigerated FlexZone drawer.

Major cons were that the unit was noisy and slow when dispensing ice. Another complaint about the ice maker was that the actuating lever was prone to breaking. Others noted the finish looked streaked and marred within a year of use.


​Where To Buy

​​​​Most major appliance retailers, such as Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot and Sears, carry this model. It also is available on Samsung’s website.


​There is a one-year warranty on parts and labor for the refrigerator and a five-year warranty on parts and labor for the sealed refrigeration system. The digital inverter compressor has a 10-year warranty for parts and a five-year warranty for labor.


​​There are often sales throughout the year, especially around major holidays. Open-box and floor models can offer additional savings.




25.5-Cubic-Foot, French-Door Refrigerator With Internal Water Dispenser


24.2 Cubic Feet

27.8 Cubic Feet

25.5 Cubic Feet

28.2 Cubic Feet






​The Verdict

Our verdict on the best Samsung refrigerator depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a smart refrigerator with voice assistance and integration with your digital life, then go for the Family Hub 24.2- cubic-foot, three-door, French-door refrigerator. While some users had trouble with the touch screen panel, selecting an extended warranty from a retailer will mitigate most of these concerns.

For a simpler model with basic features, we recommend the 25.5-cubic-foot, French-door refrigerator with internal water dispenser. Not everyone loved the water being inside the door, but the space and design coupled with a mid-level price point make this fridge an all-around win.

refrigerator in the kitchen

Whichever fridge you pick, don’t forget that the size of the models should be checked against the space available. Several of these models come in smaller cubic feet options, as well. Remember, it’s best to measure twice so you only have to have the refrigerator delivered once.

Best Maytag Refrigerators in the Market for 2018 – Our Top Picks

Refrigerator with plenty of food content

The refrigerator is an important part of your kitchen. It helps you keep your family safe. Without proper food refrigeration, your family members would be exposed to bacteria and germs that could make them sick. Before the invention of the refrigerator, people would not be able to store fresh foods that had to be kept cold. Imagine if you didn't have access to a fridge. You would have to shop everyday to get items to eat because you would only be able to keep preserved foods in your home.

So, it is essential to make sure that you have a properly working refrigerator. Beyond that, though, today's fridges provide you with much more than a way to keep your food cold. You can opt for many different models that can make your life easier.

Because there are so many choices, we put together this guide to help you find the best Maytag refrigerator to suit your needs. We offer you information on top models and address common questions and concerns. We want to provide you with an overall guide to help you find your new refrigerator with as little hassle as possible.

Refrigerator FAQs

Refrigerators last for many years, so it may be that you haven't bought one in a long time. If you are back on the market looking for a new fridge, you may have many questions that you need to be answered before you can figure out which model is the best for you. Here is a look at frequently asked questions people ask when purchasing a new fridge.

​What are the types of refrigerators?

​How do I decide on the right size?

​What are some common features?

​How can I make my fridge more energy efficient?

​How can I make my new fridge last longer?

How We Came Up With Our Reviews

As we reviewed the different Maytag refrigerator options, we took into account various reviews and customer comments. We also compared each fridge to see what stood out and what made certain models better than others. We also looked into sales and ratings.

Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased review of each option and to make recommendations that will allow you to make an informed buying decision. We provide you with plenty of information to explain the key features and design aspects of each model. This should give you a good starting point and help you figure out which Maytag refrigerator to buy.

​Overall Price Range of Maytag Refrigerators

​Maytag refrigerators range from $1500 to $3500. You will find the lower-end models are less high tech. They are often simpler in design and function. The higher-end models come with many features that are quickly becoming popular. They offer more versatility in the unit and are more user friendly. In addition, size also feeds into the price. The bigger it is, the more it will cost. Typically, you get what you pay for when it comes to refrigerators, so keep that in mind as you set your budget.

kitchen refrigerator

Top 6 Maytag Refrigerator Models

Maytag refrigerators are native to the U.S., so they are very easy to find. You should be able to buy them at any retailer that sells kitchen appliances. You may also have the option of buying kitchen suites so all your appliances match. Maytag may offer savings or deals from time to time if you order directly from the company. In addition, individual retailers may have special deals or sales, especially if you are buying the fridge as part of a kitchen suite.

MFI2570FEZ French-Door Refrigerator

​​​​This fridge is 25 cubic feet and has a modern stainless-steel exterior. It provides various storage options and is energy efficient. It features an ice maker and electronic controls.


Key Features:

  • ​PowerCold
  • ​Fingerprint-resistant
  • ​Wide-n-Fresh deli drawer
  • ​LED lighting
  • ​Made in the U.S.A


  • ​Door temperatures provide safe cooling
  • ​Digital control on outside
  • ​Adjustable sliding shelves


  • ​Controls can be hard to use
  • ​Freezer does not have adjustable compartments


  • Width​: 35.625 inches
  • ​Height​: 68.625 inches
  • Depth​: 35.25 inches


  • ​10-year limited

​​​​​This stainless-steel fridge has a counter-depth design. It has 20 cubic feet of ample storage space with many features to make use easier. It also contains the PowerCold function that helps maintain the fridge's internal temperature when the door has been open for a time.


Key Features:

  • ​LED lighting
  • ​Contoured doors
  • ​Ice maker
  • ​Made in the U.S.A.
  • ​Reach-through handle
  • ​Humidity-control drawers
  • ​Water dispenser


  • ​Quiet operation
  • ​Easy-to-clean exterior
  • ​Deep door shelves
  • ​Flexible configuration


  • ​Slow water dispenser
  • ​Ice maker take too long to make ice
  • ​Small freezer


  • Width​: ​35.625 inches
  • ​Height​: ​70 inches
  • Depth​: ​29.5 inches


  • ​10-year limited

MFW2055FRZ French-Door Refrigerator

​​​​​​This is a compact fridge with 20 cubic feet of space. It works great for smaller areas, and the interior can be configured in many ways to suit your needs. It has a stainless-steel exterior for a sleek look.


Key Features:

  • ​Wide-n-Fresh deli drawer
  • ​Freshlock crisper drawers
  • ​LED lighting
  • ​Spill-proof shelves
  • ​Ice maker
  • ​Water dispenser
  • ​Fingerprint-resistant
  • ​Child lock


  • ​Large-capacity ice maker
  • ​Lit water dispenser
  • ​Quiet operation


  • ​Hard-to-use temperature controls
  • ​Not much space for taller items


  • Width​: ​​29.5 inches
  • ​Height​: ​​68.375 inches
  • Depth​: ​​34.375 inches


  • ​10-year limited

MFF2258FEZ French-Door Refrigerator

​​​​​​​This stainless-steel refrigerator provides 22 cubic feet of space. It has digital controls, humidity-controlled bins, and an ice maker. It is also a counter-depth style.


Key Features:

  • ​Fingerprint-resistant
  • ​LED lighting
  • ​Freshlock Crisper bins
  • ​Freshflow produce preserver
  • ​Patented door-lock seal
  • ​Made in the U.S.A.
  • ​Contoured door


  • ​Good interior lighting
  • ​Adjustable shelves for various configurations
  • ​Quiet operation
  • ​Large deli drawer


  • ​Humidity control is not user friendly
  • ​Freezer can be hard to organize


  • Width​: ​​​32.625 inches
  • ​Height​: ​​​70 inches
  • Depth​: ​​​24.4375 inches


  • ​10-year limited

MBF2258FEZ Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

​​​​​​​​While this does not have the popular French doors, it does get rave reviews for being easy to use and highly functional. Many people who do not like the French-door design gravitate toward the bottom-freezer design because it allows for easier access to the fridge compartment. This model has a stainless-steel exterior and offers 22 cubic feet of storage space.


Key Features:

  • ​Fingerprint-resistant
  • ​Spill-proof shelves
  • ​Gallon-size door storage bins
  • ​LED lighting
  • ​Ice maker
  • ​Designer door pulls
  • ​Compact design
  • ​Wide-n-Fresh deli drawer
  • ​Made in the U.S.A.


  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Easy to adjust shelving
  • ​Door handle can be moved to other side


  • ​Thin plastic bins
  • ​Door hole covers do not match stainless steel


  • Width​: ​​​32.625 inches
  • ​Height​: ​​​70 inches
  • Depth​: ​33.375 inches


  • ​10-year limited

MFX2676FRZ French-Door Refrigerator

​This is a feature-packed fridge option with a stainless-steel exterior. It has two bottom drawers that make it easier to organize the freezer compartments. It provides 26 cubic feet of storage space. It also has an ice maker that gives you the option of crushed or cubed ice.


Key Features:

  • ​Fingerprint-resistant
  • ​LED lighting under the shelves
  • ​Steel shelves
  • ​PowerCold
  • ​Strongbox hinges
  • ​Contoured door
  • ​Door alarm
  • ​Automatic defrost
  • ​Exterior ice and water dispenser
  • ​Display screen control panel


  • ​Easy to keep clean
  • ​Many storage options
  • ​Compact outside with roomy interior


  • ​Doors are thick and heavy
  • ​Small ice maker


  • Width​:​ 35.625 inches
  • ​Height​: ​​​70 inches
  • Depth​: ​3​6 inches


  • ​10-year limited

Comparison Table



MFI2570FEZ French-Door Refrigerator

MATERIAL: Stainless steel

SIZE: 35.625 X 68.625 X 35.25

PRICE: $2299

WARRANTY: 10-year

MFX2676FRZ French-Door Refrigerator

MATERIAL: Stainless steel

SIZE: 35.625 X 70 X 36

PRICE: $3499

WARRANTY: 10-year

MBF2258FEZ Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

MATERIAL: Stainless steel

SIZE: 32.625 X 70 X 33.375

PRICE: $1599

WARRANTY: 10-year

​The Verdict

Maytag has a reputation for well-built products. All of these fridges are made in the United States, which also gives the company a leg up in the minds of many consumers. Maytag is also known for providing top-notch products that exceed expectations. It is a little tough to say which of the refrigerators on our list is the best, but the MFI2570FEZ French-Door Refrigerator comes out on top because of its balance of features, function, and price.

At 36-inches wide, this fridge may be a little big for some spaces, but if you are looking for 25 cubic feet of usable interior space, then this is the fridge for you. It comes with Maytag's main features, including PowerCold, a fingerprint-resistant exterior, and bright LED lighting. It also gets rave reviews from consumers who have found almost nothing to complain about.

When it comes to buying a new fridge, you can hardly go wrong when you choose a Maytag. You get superior construction, strong materials, and well-built products that are worth the money. If you want the best value when buying a refrigerator, we would highly recommend looking at Maytag models.

LG LFX28968ST Full Refrigerator: Review and Information

LG shop

Your kitchen is the social center of your entire home. Your refrigerator is the appliance center of the kitchen. Whether you are in the market for your first fridge or a replacing an old, damaged or inefficient model, you may be thinking about purchasing an LG LFX28968ST refrigerator.

Since any refrigerator purchase is significant, we want to be sure you have enough information to make a smart buy. Accordingly, we have created a comprehensive review of the LG LFX28968ST refrigerator. In this review, we introduce you to the fridge, look at its specifications and price, compare it to a few other refrigerators and tell you what is good and bad about it.

In preparing this article, we didn’t only look at marketing materials from LG. On the contrary, we considered professional reviews from a variety of sources. We also examined dozens of reviews from actual customers. Finally, we have assigned an overall rating for the LG LFX28968ST. Read on to see what we think of this French door refrigerator.

What Is an LG LFX28968ST Refrigerator?

LG has been a leader in making personal electronic devices for years. The company also produces major appliances. One of these is the LG LFX28968ST refrigerator. This refrigerator maintains a cold temperature to prevent food from spoiling. It also has a freezer compartment that keeps items frozen. Additionally, the refrigerator features an icemaker and water dispenser.

The LG LFX28968ST is a sleek, modern refrigerator. This model gives you 27 cubic feet of refrigerator storage space. That’s big. In fact, this fridge is considered to be a super refrigerator. Meanwhile, hidden hinges and curved doors make the LG LFX28968ST one of the most stylish refrigerators on the market today. Stainless steel handles complement the refrigerator’s overall finish.

The LG LFX28968ST has a French door design. This includes two doors on the upper two-thirds of the appliance that open outward. The bottom of the appliance is a pullout drawer. This drawer houses the freezer compartment. The icemaker is slim, so you can access most of the refrigerator’s inside compartment. The water dispenser is slick and functional. A digital display helps you toggle from ice dispensing to water dispensing. With just the push of a button, you have access to a steady supply of water, crushed ice or cubed ice. Finally, the LG LFX28968ST has clear and white plastic shelving that gives it a modern look.

LG LFX28968ST Specifications

​The LG FX28968ST is a big refrigerator. The appliance’s physical dimensions are formidable. This is not a counter-deep fridge. Instead, it is sizeable enough to become the focal point in any kitchen. Made by LG, the FX28968ST is a mainstream refrigerator. As such, you probably shouldn’t consider the brand to be a value-based one. You also shouldn’t worry about the quality of the components inside the appliance. Before we look at our comprehensive review of the LG FX28968ST, we should explore some of its specifications.

  • Dimensions: 35 3/4-inches wide by 69 3/4-inches tall by 35 3/8-inches wide
  • Weight: 324 pounds
  • Refrigerator capacity: 36.8 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 8.9 cubic feet
  • Door type: French three-door
  • Water filtration system: LT700P

General Features

​LG seemingly thought of everything when it designed the LFX28968ST. This appliance features a child door lock and a door alarm. It also has membrane/white LED display, giving it a modern look. The fridge’s Smart Cooling technology provides even temperature throughout the refrigerator and freezer compartments. An auto-closing door, low-decibel feature and Multi Air Flow capabilities round out the impressive features on the LFX28968ST. The unit is also ADA-compliant.

​Refrigerator Features

​The refrigerator compartment on the LG LFX28968ST provides you with four split shelves and one folding shelf. Since these shelves contain Spill Protector tempered glass, you don’t have to worry about either staining or breaking. Shelves are also cantilevered. The refrigerator has two humidity crispers and six temperature sensors. An LED light provides enough illumination to view all items in the refrigerator clearly. We discuss the refrigerator’s interior lights in greater detail below.

​Freezer Features

​The freezer on the LG LFX28968ST fits inside a pull-door compartment. Two doors make organizing frozen food in the 8.9-cubic-feet space simple and effective. Because the freezer handle uses Smart Pull technology, you don’t have to strain yourself to open it. Finally, the freezer has an ice bin and an incandescent bulb.

​Materials, Finishes and Overall Look

​If you are looking for a modern refrigerator, the LG LFX28968ST is it. This appliance features a contoured door, hidden hinges and a toe grille. It is available in stainless steel, smooth white or smooth black. Matching commercial handles give this refrigerator a streamlined, innovative and industrial look. The back is flush, with a metal cover protecting mechanical components.

​Energy Certification

​The LG LFX28968ST features some impressive energy features. First, this model boasts Energy Star certification. It uses an estimated 715 kilowatt hours of energy per year. For budgeting purposes, plan to spend around $86 per year on utility costs for your appliance. That equates to approximately $3 per cubic foot per year.


​Inside the refrigerator compartment of the LG FX28968ST, you find LED lighting. This lighting is bright and white. Bulbs are also distributed throughout the compartment, allowing you to see virtually anything inside the LG FX28968ST. Unfortunately, the freezer compartment does not have the same lighting. Instead, it has a single incandescent bulb. We can’t imagine that changing this bulb is a fun project. We also worry that the single bulb won’t provide adequate light when the freezer compartment is full. For an empty compartment, though, the bulb is perfectly fine.


LG includes a one-year limited warranty on new LFX28968ST refrigerators. This warranty covers parts and labor. An additional five-year limited warranty protects against damage to components in the sealed system and covers repairs. The compressor has the same five-year warranty. The linear compressor warranty covers parts and not labor. That warranty is six to 10 years.

The company uses a proprietary diagnostic tool to assist with repairs. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a repair technician to inspect your appliance. On the contrary, you can call customer support and learn how to run a diagnostic on the fridge. Once you start the sequence, speakers on your LG LFX28968ST emit a tone. By holding your phone to the tone’s source, you enable the customer service representative to tell you what repairs your refrigerator needs. This tool and service often make repair appointments more productive.

​LG LFX28968ST Pricing

The LG FX28968ST pricing is somewhat competitive. Savvy consumers often find rebates and discounts that save them a few hundred dollars, however. While it's asking price may seem like a high price for a refrigerator, the LG FX28968ST is reasonably priced when considering its features. Not only is the refrigerator stylish, but it also has modern cooling technologies that do a better job of preserving your perishables than many other fridges with similar price tags. Still, the MSRP on the LG FX28968ST is high enough for us to describe it as expensive.

different from others

How the LG LFX28968ST Compares to Other Refrigerators

​While the LG FX28968ST is an excellent refrigerator, it is expensive. Consumers who would rather not pay such a high price for an appliance may want to look at some of LG’s competitors. Here are three refrigerators that compare to the LG FX28968ST.

Comparison Table



​Amana AF12539ERM

Amana AF12539ERM

Amana is Whirlpool’s value brand. The AF12539ERM is a French door refrigerator that features a pullout freezer compartment. While the Amana and the LG FX28968ST are alike, the LG refrigerator is significantly better. Here is how the Amana AF12539ERM compares:

Ease of use: 3.5/5

Assembly time: 4.5/5

Build quality: 4/5

Warranty: 3.5/5

​Frigidaire FGHF2367TF

​The Frigidaire FGHF2367TF is one of the smallest French door refrigerators on the market today. With under 22 cubic feet of storage space, the Frigidaire appliance has about five fewer cubic feet of storage space than the LG FX28968ST. Here is how the Frigidaire refrigerator compares:

Ease of use: 4/5

Assembly time: 4.5/5

Warranty 4.5/5



​The GE PYE22PMKES French door refrigerator is an energy-efficient offering from the well-known appliance maker. Like the Frigidaire above, the GE PYE22PMKES is smaller than the LG FX28968ST. It is, though, one of the most energy-efficient French-door refrigerators available. Still, with a price tag that matches the LG FX28968ST, you pay more for less space if you go with the GE offering.

Ease of use: 4/5

Assembly time: 4.5/5

Warranty: 4.5/5

While there are other French door refrigerators available for purchase, none is as great as the LG FX28968ST. Professional reviewers and ordinary consumers alike appreciate the LG FX28968ST for its many features and smart design. Continue reading to check out the pros and cons of the LG FX28968ST!


  • ​Huge storage capacity
  • ​Stylish, modern look
  • ​Energy efficiency


  • ​Icemaker storage capacity
  • ​Fingerprints and smudges
  • ​Expensive price

​Pro: Huge Storage Capacity

​With 27 cubic feet of storage space, the LG LFX28968ST is one of the largest refrigerators on the market. You take full advantage of the storage area, as the icemaker has a slim design that doesn’t infringe on other space. The refrigerator’s 8.9 cubic feet of storage space are also nice. Meanwhile, crispers and shelves make storing items appropriately simple.

​Con: Ice Maker Storage Capacity

​The icemaker on the LG LFX28968ST is small to give you full access to the storage area in the fridge and freezer. A downside of a small icemaker, though, is limited ice storage capacity. While the unit holds enough ice for a couple to moderately use it, a family will likely run out frequently. We would like to see a larger ice storage space on the LG LFX28968ST.

​Pro: Stylish, Modern Look

​It is hard to overstate how much we love the stylish, modern look of the LG LFX28968ST. Even though this appliance has a minimalistic appearance, its appearance is versatile enough to work in virtually any kitchen. Whether you want a clean, cool place to store perishables or want to impress your friends with a nifty fridge, the LG LFX28968ST has you covered.

​Con: Fingerprints and Smudges

​Like many stainless steel refrigerators, the LG LFX28968ST is susceptible to fingerprints and smudging. While there are available cleaners to remove these, they accumulate quickly. Some users even find completely erasing blemishes to be challenging. Since the handles don’t smudge, your best bet is to always touch the handles on your refrigerator and freezer instead of its stainless steel finish.

​Pro: Energy Efficiency

​The LG LFX28968ST is Energy Star certified. If you want to power your appliance for a full year, you need about 715 kilowatt hours. That’s reasonable. In fact, you may spend as little as $86 per year for large-capacity storage space inside the LG LFX28968ST. Whether you want to trim energy costs or simply maintain them, you can’t go wrong by investing in this appliance.

​Con: Expensive Price

​With a price tag of nearly $2,500, the LG LFX28968ST is expensive. This model routinely goes on sale, though, so you may pick one up for a few hundred dollars less. Still, the high price of this appliance puts it out of reach for many budget-conscious shoppers.


​Final Thoughts on the LG LFX28968ST Refrigerator

We can’t say enough good things about the LG FX28968ST. The refrigerator features a supersized storage space in its refrigerator. The freezer also has ample area to keep frozen items cold. Inside the fridge, excellent organizational options make it simple to maintain the overall appearance of your refrigerator.

As far as French door refrigerators go, the LG FX28968ST has a long list of impressive, innovative features. While its huge size is the biggest selling feature in our opinion, we can’t let you forget about the energy efficiency and smart layout of this appliance. We also must remind you of the fantastic warranty that accompanies the LG FX28968ST.

While the LG FX28968ST is an excellent refrigerator, it isn’t perfect. The small icemaker makes sense, but it doesn’t produce enough ice to support most families. It also has a comparatively high price tag. Still, these drawbacks aren’t enough to make us want to shy away from the LG FX28968ST. Simply put, we think the LG FX28968ST is a smart buy.

If the LG LFX28968ST is not the refrigerator for you and your family, we recommend checking out our KitchenAid KRFC200ESS review. It is a great, high-quality refrigerator! We are confident that you will like this one! Also, if you need additional help choosing a refrigerator, check out Lowe's refrigerator buying guide

KitchenAid KRFC300ESS Refrigerator Review – How Does it Compare?

Woman Taking Food From Refrigerator
Close-up Of Young Woman Taking Food To Eat From Refrigerator

Many people go the majority of their lives without ever considering a new refrigerator. Refrigerators are expensive, for one thing. They are also large and heavy, which means disposing of your old fridge and bringing in your new one is a hefty task. Combine that with the fact that you don’t ask much of your refrigerator, then the sheer number of outdated fridges in homes begins to make sense.

Although you may not have thought about replacing your old refrigerator with a newer model, the truth is there are numerous benefits. Upgrading to a newer fridge can give you more space to put your food and drinks, a better-organized freezer, and all sorts of convenient little features that will change the way you look at your fridge. In fact, some newer models even allow you to connect via your smartphone. 

Kitchen Aid KRFC300ESS KRFC300ESS 20 Cu. Ft. stainless Counter-Depth...
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 20 / Fridge: 14.38 / Freezer: 5.62
  • ExtendFresh Temperature Management System
  • Interior Water Dispenser

If you want a quality refrigerator at a reasonable price, KitchenAid is one of the top brands to shop. Its selection of refrigerators includes the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS, a French door refrigerator with plenty of storage room and a handful of features which help keep your food fresher for longer. The KRFC300ESS also gives you various options when it comes to style, so you can match your fridge to just about any kitchen décor.

Keep reading to learn more about the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS and whether or not it’s a good option for your home. We’ll talk about the overall size of this fridge, its various features and what other people have to say about it.

kitchen island granite


Obviously, the size and features of a refrigerator are the most important factors to look at, but the looks matter too. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a new fridge, you need something that’s going to improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. If you already have a number of stainless steel appliances, you’ll probably want to pick a stainless steel fridge.

When you buy the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS, you have your choice of four different colors: black, black stainless, stainless steel and white. This means that you can match your KitchenAid fridge to just about any kitchen you can imagine, as long as it’s not ‘50s retro colors. The color you choose will essentially determine the color of the entire fridge, although the handles still have a smooth stainless steel look that fits with any of the color schemes.

The color of your fridge isn’t the only thing that matters. Your fridge takes up a good portion of the space in your kitchen, so it’s important to have a fridge that looks good all around. The stainless steel handles and French door design of the KRFC300ESS give it a nice look that fits right in with any modern kitchen. The water dispenser conveniently resides on the inside, so you don’t have any unsightly holes in the doors. All in all, this fridge looks great, especially if you’re a fan of a simple design.

10 feet steel tape


KitchenAid KRMF706EBS KRMF706EBS 25.8 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Platinum...
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

One of the most important things to look for in a fridge is its size. Finding a refrigerator that is the right size is one of the hardest parts about shopping for a fridge because it needs to be large enough, but not so large that it doesn’t fit well in your kitchen. There’s nothing worse than having a fridge that protrudes out past everything else in the kitchen or doesn’t have enough storage space to fit an ample amount of food.

The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS is a 20-cubic-foot, 36-inch refrigerator, which truly isn’t that large despite how it may sound. Refrigerators are generally between 30 and 36 inches wide, which does put this model on the larger side of things. However, the 20-cubic-feet of the KRFC300ESS is more toward the low side of things, as most refrigerators start around this point or even a bit higher. If food storage space is a big issue in your house, you may want to consider opting for a fridge that offers a bit less space.

That said, the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS isn’t some miniature fridge that will eliminate all of your food storage. Despite the small size of this fridge, its French door, bottom freezer design really makes the most out of the available space. You have plenty of door space with two separate doors, and three drawers in addition to the shelves help you find a spot for fruits, veggies and anything else you like to keep there.

As far as physical size goes, the KRFC300ESS is a counter-depth fridge. Counter-depth refrigerators are a bit shallower than other fridges because they don’t stick out past the edges of your counter. This gives a nice flush look to your kitchen but ultimately sacrifices some space.

Water Dispenser

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having a fridge with a water dispenser, you know it’s one of the best conveniences to have on hand. Not only do you not have to worry about keeping a pitcher of cold water in the fridge, but you also don’t even have to worry about filling the ice cube trays and putting them back in the refrigerator.

While most water dispensers are on the outside of a fridge and create a small hole in the freezer door, the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS refrigerator actually features a water dispenser on the inside of the fridge, which means you can’t even tell it’s there until you use it. All you have to do is open the refrigerator and touch a button, and you have cold, filtered water in an instant.

The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS also has a built-in icemaker, so you can have any drink as cold as you want it without having to wait for the ice cubes to freeze in the tray. This also means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to fill the ice cube tray and realizing there’s no ice right as you’re about to pour a drink. It is a pretty standard fridge feature today, but it’s something worth noting since there are still fridges that don’t have an icemaker or water dispenser.

ExtendFresh Temperature Management

The entire purpose of having a fridge is to keep your food at a cool temperature, so it doesn’t spoil quickly. A refrigerator that can’t properly maintain its temperature isn’t much help. This is why refrigerators feature temperature controls and sensors so you can keep the temperature right where you need it.

The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS takes temperature management a step further with its ExtendFresh Temperature Management technology. ExtendFresh separately monitors both the fridge and freezer compartments of your refrigerator to make sure both are at the right temperature. If one of these compartments happens to warm up a bit more than it should, ExtendFresh will send a signal to a fan to kick on and send cold air where it’s needed.

This isn’t revolutionary technology at its core since every fridge uses a system like this to monitor its temperatures, but ExtendFresh Temperature Management technology is designed to be a better way to manage the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer.

KitchenAid KRFC704FSS 23.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door...
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 23.8 / Fridge: 17.5 / Freezer: 6.3
  • Slide-Away Split Shelf / Panoramic LED Lighting
  • Full-Extension Custom Temp-Controlled Pantry Drawer

​Preserva Food Care System

Since keeping your food fresh is the main job of your fridge, KitchenAid worked hard to create the Preserva Food Care System and implement it in the KRFC300ESS refrigerator. This revolutionary technology does more than simply manage the temperature to make sure your food stays fresh. Instead, it keeps your food fresh by making sure humidity levels, freezer burn and odors aren’t a problem.

So how exactly does the Preserva Food Care System work? According to KitchenAid, the sequential dual evaporators are what really make Preserva work. Thanks to these two separate evaporators, you have two truly separate cooling systems that can focus solely on their own jobs.

fridge food

Produce Preserver

There are a lot of foods you have to watch out for when you keep them in the fridge for a while, but produce is generally the quickest to go. Even if it isn’t rotten, your fruit will quickly develop soft spots and over ripen if you leave it in the fridge for too long. This happens because the ethylene gas that comes from fruits and vegetables causes them to ripen too quickly. If you have a produce drawer full of fruits, the gases those fruits release will actually speed up the ripening process and make your fruit spoil quicker.

This is why the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS features a built-in produce preserver. So what exactly does this produce preserver do? Well, precisely what you might expect—it removes ethylene gas from the produce drawers to keep your fruit from over-ripening. This process is all possible because of the FreshFlow air filter, which helps remove ethylene from the air and keep your produce fresh.

One great part about the FreshFlow produce preserver from KitchenAid is the fact that there are replacement filters available. If you feel like your FreshFlow is no longer working as it used to, simply purchase a replacement air filter from KitchenAid or one of many other online retailers and install it in your fridge. Since this filter is responsible for actually removing the ethylene from the air, replacing it will essentially make your producer preserver feel brand new again.

Kitchen Aid KRMF706ESS KRMF706ESS 25.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Platinum...
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 25.8 / Fridge: 18.15 / Freezer: 7.61
  • Preserva Food Care System
  • 2 Soft-Close Drawers

FreshChill Full-Width Pantry

Everybody has a different method when it comes to putting food in the fridge. While some families go the traditional route of putting produce in the crisper drawers and other designated produce spots, some find those drawers to be better for meats and cheeses. However you like to organize your fridge, it’s important you find a refrigerator that allows you to organize the way you want without making any sacrifices.

The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS can be organized just about any way you want, thanks to the FreshChill full-width pantry. KitchenAid uses FreshChill technology to make sure the temperature in the pantry drawer is exactly where you want it to be for the food you currently have in there. You can store something as delicate as tomatoes or as hearty as a large pack of steaks in this pantry; all you need to do is make sure the temperature is at the right spot, and you’re good to go.

This is also a great feature to have if you eat a varied diet. Some people routinely keep the same food in their fridge while others like to switch things up a bit and find new food to try. If you’re more of the latter, you can always set your FreshChill pantry to a temperature that’s perfect for the food you have this week.

​Customer Input

According to the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS product page on the KitchenAid website, the KRFC300ESS gets an average rating of 4.3 stars with a total of 1511 ratings. In addition to this overall star rating, KitchenAid allows its customers to rate refrigerators based on a total of nine different categories. These categories are quality, value, design, ease of use, features, innovation, performance, sound levels and capacity.

Of these nine categories, the lowest the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS scored was a 4.2 in both capacity and innovation. This is to be expected considering the KRFC300ESS is on the smaller end for a 36-inch fridge. The highest score was a 4.5 for design.

​Choosing a Refrigerator

Finding the right refrigerator for your needs can be a tough task. You need a fridge that offers plenty of storage capacity without taking up too much space in your kitchen. A good fridge also needs to be designed well, so it doesn’t throw off the aesthetic of your kitchen. Need more help choosing the perfect refrigerator for your home? If so, check out Lowe's refrigerator buying guide

However, the most important thing when choosing a refrigerator is to find one that offers the features you need. If you keep a lot of vegetables on hand and have trouble keeping them fresh, the produce preserver and Preserva food care systems may be what you need. Others may focus on more storage space, specialized storage areas and other smart features, such as the ability to peek in your fridge when you’re away from home. 

Whatever you do, make sure you do plenty of research before you buy a fridge. This is a large investment, so it’s important to make the right purchase the first time. If you think that the KitchenAid KRFC300ESS is for you, check it out on Amazon below! 

We recognize that this may not be the best and most suitable refrigerator for every household. If this sounds like you, check out our LG LFX28968ST review or our Samsung RF28HFEDBSR review. These are both high-quality refrigerators that might be exactly what you're looking for! 

Best Kenmore Refrigerators – At Look At Their Very Best Appliances

Bubbles, water
Bubbles, water

If you can’t think of the last time you went shopping for a new refrigerator, then it is probably time you for you to get started. However, there have been some major improvements in technology that might make you feel as if you are in over your head. Although you are looking for a new appliance, you don’t have to stick with the exact same thing that you had before. There is also the possibility of your appliance being so old that you’ll need to become more familiar with a newer model. Don’t just set your sights on getting the cheapest model.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to boost your shopping power. This guide can keep you from wasting your time, money and from wondering where to start. You don’t need to be an expert shopper or have a large budget in order to find the right appliance. Though you can’t go wrong with having a large budget set aside, the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal are the internet and this Kenmore refrigerator guide. The average person doesn’t go through many refrigerators in their lifetime. So the chances of you needing to purchase another one after this shouldn’t arise too often unless you are a landlord or plan to become one in the future.

The purpose of this guide is to keep you from spending a ton of time researching your options, only to end up stuck on the brand selection process. There are many top brand names you can’t go wrong with when you’re in need of a replacement refrigerator. Kenmore is a popular choice for many homeowners and renters alike. Here’s some useful info to help you get the perfect fridge for your needs.

Why Choose Kenmore Refrigerators

Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to choose a good Kenmore refrigerator, but you do need patience. You might not be too familiar with the specifications about your former fridge except where the shelves go, but that doesn’t make you completely clueless. Now is a good time for you become acquainted with the Kenmore brand and what it has to offer. Besides affordability, Kenmore appliances are reliable and are known for their longevity, features, and appeal.

Whether you are shopping for appliances to outfit your new place, needing to replace a broken and worn-out unit, or simply ready for a new fridge, this guide leaves no stone unturned. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be an expert on Kenmore fridges. Don’t feel surprised if your friends and family turn to you for assistance when it is time for them to purchase appliances.

Size Selection Criteria

Before you hit the stores or start researching different models, there are some things you should do first like making sure you know what size you need. If you’re replacing an older unit, think about how satisfied you were with its size. If you frequently experienced times where your fridge was lacking in space for your groceries, it might be time for you to get a bigger size. If you barely fill your refrigerator each month, it might be time for you to downsize on fridge space.

To determine your ideal fridge size, start by measuring the area it will be located. There should be enough space vertically and horizontally to allow your new refrigerator to fit into your kitchen without becoming an eyesore. It’s a good idea to allow an extra inch or two for proper ventilation to keep your appliance from working too hard and not lasting as long as it should. Careful measuring will also prevent you from buying an refrigerator that is too big for the space.

Capacity Requirements

​If this is your first time purchasing a refrigerator, you may need a little help determining what the right capacity is for your household. A good rule of thumb you can follow is to allow anywhere from four to six-cubic feet of refrigerator capacity for each adult in your home. Use this guideline as a standard and adjust your capacity requirements according to the specific needs of everyone in your home. Here are a few standard sizes you may encounter during your search for the perfect Kenmore fridge.

  • Small capacity fridges range from 12 to 16 cubic feet. If your household consists of just you or you and one or two small occupants, this is the size you should stick with unless you do a lot of cooking or grocery shopping each week.
  • Medium capacity refrigerators have a capacity range of 17 to 20 cubic feet. Many small to medium-sized families find they do not need more space than this to store their foods for weeks at a time safely.
  • Large capacity refrigerators are best suited for individuals who have large families, do a lot of cooking and who consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the week. If you happen to host frequent get-togethers or do a lot of food preparation, you may need a large capacity unit to accommodate your food storage needs.

​You’ll also need to consider your home’s dimensions. Depending on what size fridge you buy, you may encounter some challenges getting it into the kitchen. Be sure to measure your doorways. They should be large enough to accommodate the delivery and installation of your new appliance. If you are thinking of putting it into an area that you are not sure is large enough, make sure your fridge has enough space for the doors to open up to a 90-degree angle after installation.

Go Beyond Standard Options and Features


Today’s lineup of refrigerators has so many features and functions that you might feel confused about what you really want. You don’t have to settle for an appliance that only makes it convenient to get ice and filtered water without ever opening a door. Maybe you want a refrigerator that enables you to organize and store food the same way you do in your pantry and cabinets. Perhaps you want custom options that can make your life easier like storage for soda cans or an additional crisper space for your fruits and veggies. Regardless of what you feel you need to benefit from in a refrigerator, you’ll find it in a Kenmore unit.

Reasons for Replacement

​Before you can start shopping for the right appliance, you’ll also need to consider your reasons. Is your current fridge on the fritz, too noisy, doesn’t cool enough or is it simply time for you to retire it? There are many new styles available since the last time you probably had to choose one. Decide if you want a French door, bottom or top freezer or a side-by-side unit configuration. Don’t forget to consider energy efficiency ratings. No matter what features you opt for, your final selection should be a unit that conserves the most energy for your household. Kenmore refrigerators that have an EPA Energy Star label are among the most efficient appliances on the market.

Most Popular Features

Black-Kenmore-Elite-French-DoorKenmore is no stranger to the appliance industry, which means the manufacturer knows what consumers want. No matter what your budget is, you’ll have no trouble finding fridges with the features you want to make cooking more convenient and your life more comfortable. If money is no object, you can’t go wrong with a French door model. French door refrigerators often come loaded with the most features, which is also why they tend to have a heftier price tag than others styles. Here are a few of the most common features shoppers want.

Indoor access

​Going in and out of the fridge all day for beverages can quickly cause your utility bills to skyrocket. It can also cause some foods to spoil prematurely because of all the heat let in each time the door is opened. Indoor access gives you the option of retrieving cold drinks and beverages without compromising the other foods and items in your fridge.

​​​Door ice and water dispenser

​Some refrigerators have features that allow you to get water and ice without opening the door. Fridges that provide storage for water and ice have less capacity for food and other items. These units usually end up requiring more frequent repairs. But they are also the most sought-after style.

​Odor prevention and freshness features

​Many traditional and older model refrigerators do not have features to prevent odors and maintain freshness. Newer year models have more evaporators and other enhancement features that enable more cool air to circulate, remove more humidity from the air and air purifiers to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

​Temperature controls

​Though refrigerators are designed to keep foods from spoiling, new features give owners temperature flexibility. You can store different items at specific temperatures to better maintain your foods.

​Better design specifications

​Today’s models allow you to arrange your shelves and storage bins any way you want. If you have large items to keep cool, you can move shelves and bins to accommodate those foods with ease. You don’t have to pick and choose which items to leave out or use right away because they are too tall to fit on the shelf or in a bin. Depending on the model you select, you may have the option of using accessories to customize your refrigerator to your needs better.

Keep in mind the more features your new refrigerator has, the more energy it will need to run. You may need to decide which features you can and cannot do without to ensure you get a unit you can afford to own. Also, if you have concerns about children and pet access, there are models that come with additional options, such as child locks, door alarms, spill-proof surfaces, and more. If none of the refrigerators on this list do not meet your needs, check out our take on the best Whirpool refrigerators or the best Delonghi refrigerators

Our Top 3 Kenmore Refrigerator Picks

The Kenmore Elite is bottom freezer style unit that is geared towards large families. It features a slim design with an indoor ice maker. The ice maker does not take away from the storage space on the inside. It also has digital temperature control and multiple electronic sensors to ensure optimal airflow.

The fridge comes with a full-width pantry drawer, two crisper bins and two adjustable shelves. Additional features include an automatic defrost cycle, stainless steel finish and an Energy Star certification. Refurbished options start at just under $1,000, with new models going for slightly more than $2,000. This model has a freezer capacity of 10.1 cubic feet, an overall capacity of 29.8 cubic feet. It measures 36.2 x 35.8 x 70.2 inches.

This French door model is slightly smaller than the largest capacity available. With 26 cubic feet of capacity, this fridge is ideal for families who need an ample amount of storage space for their foods and beverages but do not have enough space for a large appliance. Its dimensions are 35.4 x 35.9 x 68.6 inches. The appliance comes with individual cooling zones, door bins that hold gallon-sized and tall items, frost-free capabilities and a built-in ice maker.

If your budget is more on the frugal side, you can’t go wrong with this unit. It comes equipped with some features that are common in higher-end models. It has a top freezer orientation and looks just like most traditional units. However, it is garage-ready, and LED lighting options are great benefits for anyone who wants to keep it in the garage or basement.

Shopping for appliances can be a fun and enlightening experience. With the right resources and preparations, you’ll find the perfect new addition in no time. Take your time and start researching different Kenmore refrigerator models long before you need a replacement so you have more time to consider your options. You don’t want to rush, especially when selecting an item that you will rely on for several decades. With a little patience and this guide, you’ll find that refrigerator shopping is as easy as pie. Its dimensions are 33.8 x 32.9 x 66.1 inches.