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Review on the GE GFE28GSKSS Refrigerator model
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Shopping for a new refrigerator can be a tiring experience. There are countless brands and models from which to choose from. Knowing where to start can be a battle of its own. However, shopping around is essential when it comes to buying this important kitchen appliance. You simply cannot slack when it comes to choosing the refrigerator that is right for your home.

You use your refrigerator way too much to leave this choice up to chance. You have to be sure that the model you choose and the brand you go with are going to live up to your expectations. Choosing whatever model you first see is sure to end in disaster. The key is to find an appliance that matches your needs and suits your family. You need to look at all the details of any model you are considering. You have to take time to do a review and to comparison shop. Of course, not many people have the time to do such thorough shopping, so you may wonder how you could ever accomplish it.

GE GFE28GSKSS French Door Refrigerato

The good news is that we have done some of the work for you already. We went ahead and reviewed the GE GFE28GSKSS. We go over the specifications and details, so you know all about this model. We also provide you with the pros and cons to consider, along with comparing the GFE28GSKSS to two other similar models from different brands so you can do a quick assessment. We also give some background on the company, so you can see if a GE product is really what you want to buy.

GE Company Background

GE, also known as General Electric, is a large company known more for power than for appliances, but the company's work in the energy sector naturally led to it becoming part of the appliance industry. GE Appliances and Lighting is the segment of the company dedicated to manufacturing quality appliances, such as refrigerators.

The company was founded in 1892, so it has been around the block. The company has been a part of the growing and shaping of the country since the very beginning of electrical technology. It is one of the oldest companies in the U.S. and has garnered a lot of respect throughout the years for providing consumers with the products they need. Though it started as a humble electric company, it is so much more now.

In fact, GE is a favorite of investors because it is stable and continuously growing. The company is active in many segments, but the appliance segment makes up about five percent of the company's overall revenues. Brands sold under the company's name include:

  • Hotpoint
  • Café
  • Monogram
  • Profile

Besides refrigerators, the company also sells freezers, dishwashers, ovens, washers, water heaters, microwaves and dryers. It is the goal of the company to sell appliances that make consumers' lives easier. Through quality control and by offering value, GE strives to provide consumers with the products they need at affordable prices. It stands behind its products and works to find ways to do more for consumers to help make every day chores something they do not hate to do. The company's motto, “Good things, for life,” really mirrors its dedication to its goals.

Never afraid of innovation and change, GE has managed to keep up with all the changes in technology. The company ensures products are made for today's consumers' needs. When you buy a GE refrigerator, you are getting a promise that you are buying something good for your family.

You can also rest assured that GE customer service will always be there, ready to help in any way possible. While you may buy your refrigerator from a retailer, you can always contact GE directly with questions. The customer service agents can help you to fix problems, learn about features and get information on your new appliance. They are knowledgeable and look forward to ensuring you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Customer service is essential in this industry, so knowing you are going to get good service is just another perk of buying from GE.

Product Specifications

GE GFE28GSKSS French Door Refrigerato

The GE GFE28GSKSS is a French-door style unit. This means that it has the refrigerator compartment on top and the freezer on the bottom. The refrigerator has two French doors that open from the middle outward. The freezer is a drawer style compartment.

The refrigerator is stainless steel with contoured doors. The overall dimensions are as follows:

  • Depth: 36 1/4 inches
  • Height: 69 7/8 inches
  • Width: 35 3/4 inches

When the doors are open at 90 degrees, the width increases to 44 5/8 inches. When installing the unit, you will need extra clearance around it for air flow. The top needs one inch, the back needs two inches and the sides need 1/8 inch of space.

The total capacity of the refrigerator is 27.8 cubic feet. The refrigerator has a capacity of 18.6 cubic feet, and the freezer has 9.2 cubic feet. The whole unit has a Turbo Cool temperature management system. It also has TwinChill evaporators and features frost guard. Controls are found on an external electronic digital display.

The refrigerator doors feature an ice and water dispenser with the ice maker concealed within the door. It produces crushed or cubed ice, along with chilled water. It also has an LED light. There is an option for a second ice maker located in the freezer. The water dispenser uses an advanced filtration system to remove contaminants within the water.

Inside the refrigerator, you will find plenty of storage. It starts with two adjustable humidity-controlled drawers and one full-width drawer with its own LED lighting. There are two adjustable bins and three gallon-sized storage bins also. You get plenty of options for organization.

The freezer is well lit with LED lighting. It has a Turbo Freeze option as well. The freezer features two full-width storage baskets for storage.

The whole unit has two front leveling legs for ease of installation. It also has easy to remove door gaskets and Sabbath mode capabilities.

The GE GFE28GSKSS comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. If at any time you need service or repairs during the first year, be sure to note that your unit is still under warranty.


GE GFE28GSKSS French Door Refrigerato

The GE GFE28GSKSS is a mid-level refrigerator when it comes to price. The price variances are usually due to features. With the more expensive models, you will get high-tech features and other added benefits that increase the usability and value of the unit. Since the GE GFE28GSKSS sits in the mid-range, it is a very nice unit, but it won't have the latest and greatest technical aspects, such as wireless integration. Do keep in mind that adding the extra ice maker in the freezer will add to the overall price.

Be sure to remember that you may be able to find discounts on the GE GFE28GSKSS from retailers. Often, they mark down the manufacturer's suggested retail price to give you a better deal. While this unit is very much worth the full asking price, getting a few hundred dollars off is still nice. Shop around to find the retailer offering the best discount. Don't forget to also check GE's website for possible deals that could also save you money.

How It Compares

The only real way to know if a refrigerator is perfect for you is to look at a couple similar models and see how things stack up. We have provided you the chance to do that below by comparing the GFE28GSKSS to models from KitchenAid and Samsung. We provide some highlights and then offer a more in-depth review of the comparison.

GE GFE28GSKSS French Door Refrigerato
  • Twin chill evaporators separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections help keep foods fresh
  • Two humidity controlled drawers and 1 full-width drawer with led light
  • Space-saving icemaker located on the door with integrated bins to create more usable storage space

Consumers are overall very happy with the GE GFE28GSKSS. It is praised as being well made and of high quality. Complaints about the unit are minor or due to limited defects and the lack of LED button lights on the dispenser that makes it hard to use without an overhead light. Overall, for a mid-range unit, this is a very good buy that consumers seem to be very satisfied with.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

No products found.

No products found.

The KitchenAid KRMF706EBS is easy to use with lots of organization options. However, this refrigerator has a known thermostat defect. The chances are very good maintenance will be needed shortly after installation. The unit will be unusable until it is serviced. This is a huge issue, but something that is fixable.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

Samsung RF28HMEDBSR/AA 28 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrige
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR gets good reviews from most consumers being very happy with their purchase. They like its large capacity and lighting features. One complaint is the ice only dispenses from the door, but there is an optional extra ice maker, so this complaint is not too difficult to overcome.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

Pros and Cons

To really understand the GFE28GSKSS, you need to get to know the good and bad about this refrigerator. We went through many reviews from consumers to get to the bottom of things. Knowing that some reviewers are going to complain no matter what, we stuck to the facts. We removed the bias and stripped down what we found to the basics, those things that seemed universal about the GFE28GSKSS. We present the information to you in the following pros and cons list.


  • Lots of storage space
  • Extra ice maker is well worth it for a large capacity of ice
  • Freezer space is nicely organized
  • Quiet operation
  • Looks high-end
  • Cools down very quickly once plugged in
  • Very well lit


  • Ice dispenser is slow to produce
  • No night lights on dispenser


With only a few minor issues, the GE GFE28GSKSS lives up to the GE promise of high-quality products that make your life easier. We would highly recommend this refrigerator as a purchase for anyone who is looking for a lot of space and some higher-end features.

Consumers really love the quality of this unit. It is built to last. Every part from the exterior to the interior is designed to be durable and to stand up to the often harsh use a refrigerator can get. The setup and design of the storage areas is something that many buyers commented on. They loved the ability to store items of various sizes in the refrigerator easily and appreciated the organization of the freezer compartment.

Moving from a different style of refrigerator to a French-door style can often be a huge shift. However, GE made sure the GFE28GSKSS didn't disappoint and made users happy they made the switch. All of the storage space is much more than you would get with other styles. Add in the easy-to-use freezer, and this unit is a winner. Having the drawer freezer may seem like a huge change, but GE keeps it easy by offering a great configuration that makes it simple to use the compartment even for those used to having a freezer at eye level.

Furthermore, the unit looks good. It comes in several finish options allowing you to match it to your kitchen space and other appliances. It has a high-end look that makes it stand out.

The bottom line when it comes to the GE GFE28GSKSS is that we feel this is an ideal unit for those with larger families or who anticipate a need for more room in the refrigerator. It is a good value offering not only plenty of space but also quality materials and good craftsmanship. For a refrigerator in this price range, this is a great deal. It offers everything you need, from the door dispenser to the layout of the interior, to make it easy to use. We feel this is a good buy and only took off the half a star due to a couple of small complaints that seemed to bother some consumers.

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