Best Kenmore Refrigerators – At Look At Their Very Best Appliances

Bubbles, water
Bubbles, water

If you can’t think of the last time you went shopping for a new refrigerator, then it is probably time you for you to get started. However, there have been some major improvements in technology that might make you feel as if you are in over your head. Although you are looking for a new appliance, you don’t have to stick with the exact same thing that you had before. There is also the possibility of your appliance being so old that you’ll need to become more familiar with a newer model. Don’t just set your sights on getting the cheapest model.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to boost your shopping power. This guide can keep you from wasting your time, money and from wondering where to start. You don’t need to be an expert shopper or have a large budget in order to find the right appliance. Though you can’t go wrong with having a large budget set aside, the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal are the internet and this Kenmore refrigerator guide. The average person doesn’t go through many refrigerators in their lifetime. So the chances of you needing to purchase another one after this shouldn’t arise too often unless you are a landlord or plan to become one in the future.

The purpose of this guide is to keep you from spending a ton of time researching your options, only to end up stuck on the brand selection process. There are many top brand names you can’t go wrong with when you’re in need of a replacement refrigerator. Kenmore is a popular choice for many homeowners and renters alike. Here’s some useful info to help you get the perfect fridge for your needs.

Why Choose Kenmore Refrigerators

Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to choose a good Kenmore refrigerator, but you do need patience. You might not be too familiar with the specifications about your former fridge except where the shelves go, but that doesn’t make you completely clueless. Now is a good time for you become acquainted with the Kenmore brand and what it has to offer. Besides affordability, Kenmore appliances are reliable and are known for their longevity, features, and appeal.

Whether you are shopping for appliances to outfit your new place, needing to replace a broken and worn-out unit, or simply ready for a new fridge, this guide leaves no stone unturned. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be an expert on Kenmore fridges. Don’t feel surprised if your friends and family turn to you for assistance when it is time for them to purchase appliances.

Size Selection Criteria

Before you hit the stores or start researching different models, there are some things you should do first like making sure you know what size you need. If you’re replacing an older unit, think about how satisfied you were with its size. If you frequently experienced times where your fridge was lacking in space for your groceries, it might be time for you to get a bigger size. If you barely fill your refrigerator each month, it might be time for you to downsize on fridge space.

To determine your ideal fridge size, start by measuring the area it will be located. There should be enough space vertically and horizontally to allow your new refrigerator to fit into your kitchen without becoming an eyesore. It’s a good idea to allow an extra inch or two for proper ventilation to keep your appliance from working too hard and not lasting as long as it should. Careful measuring will also prevent you from buying an refrigerator that is too big for the space.

Capacity Requirements

​If this is your first time purchasing a refrigerator, you may need a little help determining what the right capacity is for your household. A good rule of thumb you can follow is to allow anywhere from four to six-cubic feet of refrigerator capacity for each adult in your home. Use this guideline as a standard and adjust your capacity requirements according to the specific needs of everyone in your home. Here are a few standard sizes you may encounter during your search for the perfect Kenmore fridge.

  • Small capacity fridges range from 12 to 16 cubic feet. If your household consists of just you or you and one or two small occupants, this is the size you should stick with unless you do a lot of cooking or grocery shopping each week.
  • Medium capacity refrigerators have a capacity range of 17 to 20 cubic feet. Many small to medium-sized families find they do not need more space than this to store their foods for weeks at a time safely.
  • Large capacity refrigerators are best suited for individuals who have large families, do a lot of cooking and who consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the week. If you happen to host frequent get-togethers or do a lot of food preparation, you may need a large capacity unit to accommodate your food storage needs.

​You’ll also need to consider your home’s dimensions. Depending on what size fridge you buy, you may encounter some challenges getting it into the kitchen. Be sure to measure your doorways. They should be large enough to accommodate the delivery and installation of your new appliance. If you are thinking of putting it into an area that you are not sure is large enough, make sure your fridge has enough space for the doors to open up to a 90-degree angle after installation.

Go Beyond Standard Options and Features


Today’s lineup of refrigerators has so many features and functions that you might feel confused about what you really want. You don’t have to settle for an appliance that only makes it convenient to get ice and filtered water without ever opening a door. Maybe you want a refrigerator that enables you to organize and store food the same way you do in your pantry and cabinets. Perhaps you want custom options that can make your life easier like storage for soda cans or an additional crisper space for your fruits and veggies. Regardless of what you feel you need to benefit from in a refrigerator, you’ll find it in a Kenmore unit.

Reasons for Replacement

​Before you can start shopping for the right appliance, you’ll also need to consider your reasons. Is your current fridge on the fritz, too noisy, doesn’t cool enough or is it simply time for you to retire it? There are many new styles available since the last time you probably had to choose one. Decide if you want a French door, bottom or top freezer or a side-by-side unit configuration. Don’t forget to consider energy efficiency ratings. No matter what features you opt for, your final selection should be a unit that conserves the most energy for your household. Kenmore refrigerators that have an EPA Energy Star label are among the most efficient appliances on the market.

Most Popular Features

Black-Kenmore-Elite-French-DoorKenmore is no stranger to the appliance industry, which means the manufacturer knows what consumers want. No matter what your budget is, you’ll have no trouble finding fridges with the features you want to make cooking more convenient and your life more comfortable. If money is no object, you can’t go wrong with a French door model. French door refrigerators often come loaded with the most features, which is also why they tend to have a heftier price tag than others styles. Here are a few of the most common features shoppers want.

Indoor access

​Going in and out of the fridge all day for beverages can quickly cause your utility bills to skyrocket. It can also cause some foods to spoil prematurely because of all the heat let in each time the door is opened. Indoor access gives you the option of retrieving cold drinks and beverages without compromising the other foods and items in your fridge.

​​​Door ice and water dispenser

​Some refrigerators have features that allow you to get water and ice without opening the door. Fridges that provide storage for water and ice have less capacity for food and other items. These units usually end up requiring more frequent repairs. But they are also the most sought-after style.

​Odor prevention and freshness features

​Many traditional and older model refrigerators do not have features to prevent odors and maintain freshness. Newer year models have more evaporators and other enhancement features that enable more cool air to circulate, remove more humidity from the air and air purifiers to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

​Temperature controls

​Though refrigerators are designed to keep foods from spoiling, new features give owners temperature flexibility. You can store different items at specific temperatures to better maintain your foods.

​Better design specifications

​Today’s models allow you to arrange your shelves and storage bins any way you want. If you have large items to keep cool, you can move shelves and bins to accommodate those foods with ease. You don’t have to pick and choose which items to leave out or use right away because they are too tall to fit on the shelf or in a bin. Depending on the model you select, you may have the option of using accessories to customize your refrigerator to your needs better.

Keep in mind the more features your new refrigerator has, the more energy it will need to run. You may need to decide which features you can and cannot do without to ensure you get a unit you can afford to own. Also, if you have concerns about children and pet access, there are models that come with additional options, such as child locks, door alarms, spill-proof surfaces, and more. If none of the refrigerators on this list do not meet your needs, check out our take on the best Whirpool refrigerators or the best Delonghi refrigerators

Our Top 3 Kenmore Refrigerator Picks

The Kenmore Elite is bottom freezer style unit that is geared towards large families. It features a slim design with an indoor ice maker. The ice maker does not take away from the storage space on the inside. It also has digital temperature control and multiple electronic sensors to ensure optimal airflow.

The fridge comes with a full-width pantry drawer, two crisper bins and two adjustable shelves. Additional features include an automatic defrost cycle, stainless steel finish and an Energy Star certification. Refurbished options start at just under $1,000, with new models going for slightly more than $2,000. This model has a freezer capacity of 10.1 cubic feet, an overall capacity of 29.8 cubic feet. It measures 36.2 x 35.8 x 70.2 inches.

This French door model is slightly smaller than the largest capacity available. With 26 cubic feet of capacity, this fridge is ideal for families who need an ample amount of storage space for their foods and beverages but do not have enough space for a large appliance. Its dimensions are 35.4 x 35.9 x 68.6 inches. The appliance comes with individual cooling zones, door bins that hold gallon-sized and tall items, frost-free capabilities and a built-in ice maker.

If your budget is more on the frugal side, you can’t go wrong with this unit. It comes equipped with some features that are common in higher-end models. It has a top freezer orientation and looks just like most traditional units. However, it is garage-ready, and LED lighting options are great benefits for anyone who wants to keep it in the garage or basement.

Shopping for appliances can be a fun and enlightening experience. With the right resources and preparations, you’ll find the perfect new addition in no time. Take your time and start researching different Kenmore refrigerator models long before you need a replacement so you have more time to consider your options. You don’t want to rush, especially when selecting an item that you will rely on for several decades. With a little patience and this guide, you’ll find that refrigerator shopping is as easy as pie. Its dimensions are 33.8 x 32.9 x 66.1 inches.


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