LFC21776ST Full Refrigerator Review – Choose What’s Best For You


LG is a brand that is well-known all throughout the world for their innovative products in both the electronics and home appliance industries.

When you invest in a product made by LG, you know that you are getting something that is reliable and dependable. You can be assured that it will last for many years to come without any major issues to worry about. That type of peace of mind is something that all consumers want when they go to make a major purchase like a brand new refrigerator.

A refrigerator is an item that you don’t want to purchase often. When you buy one brand new, you want it to last for many years. And that’s why it’s so important to find a refrigerator made by a reputable brand that will cater to your current and future food storage needs.

LG LFC21776ST - 20.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door...
  • 4 Split Spill Protector Glass Shelves
  • Glide N' Serve Drawer
  • IcePlus

If you are looking for a high-quality, modernized, top-rated stainless steel refrigerator, the LG LFC21776ST is an excellent place to start.

This French Door refrigerator has 20.7 cubic feet of space, allowing you to store an abundance of food in both the fridge and freezer areas.

If you would like to purchase a refrigerator that functions great, has a modern appearance, and will not take up a lot of space in your newly renovated kitchen, this model is a great choice.

The Features for the LG LFC21776ST Refrigerator

Along with being Energy Efficient and a great value for the price, this LG refrigerator has plenty of modern features that are you sure to love.

This unit is available in either classic or black stainless steel. The suggested retail price for this LG French Door refrigerator is $1,999. It is available from various retailers both online and offline and you should be able to find it at or below the suggested price.

The interior of the LG LFC21776ST offers a lot of storage space for your food, which may be surprising since it is under 69” tall. Unlike many other counter-depth refrigerators that make up for their missing space by being a taller unit, this fridge offers plenty of space in all the areas you need it most.

If you are looking for a refrigerator that is truly modern, the LFC21776ST is filled with the very best modern features. For starters, it runs very quietly when compared to other units that are the same size. The only thing that you hear is the sound of the ice maker now and then.

Some of the interior features that many owners love include the sliding shelves which make it easy to access items in the back, the LED interior lighting that allows you to see everything from top to bottom, a handy door alarm system to help keep little ones out, and an on/off switch for the ice maker.

There are storage bins in the door that are very large, allowing you to store milk jugs, juice containers and more. This storage option can be very convenient if you often run out of space in your fridge after you add a couple jugs of milk.

Overall the shelving and drawers inside the refrigerator make it much easier to organize and store your items. Putting away groceries will take less time now that you don’t have to move items around to make room. You can store your produce in the large, see-through drawers so that you can quickly glance and see what’s inside.

The 4 Split Spill Protector glass shelves are easy to clean and care for. Accidental spills will wipe away easily with no scrubbing required.

There is a wide Glide N’ Serve drawer where you can store wider food packages and containers such as party trays. There are several storage compartments on each door as well.

A Closer Look at Exclusive LG Appliance Features

LG has several features that they add to most of their refrigerators that are exclusive to the brand. 

Smart Cooling System

LG LFC21776ST Refrigerator

The Smart Cooling System in the LG LFC21776ST refrigerator was designed to help maintain optimal temperature conditions in an effort to protect your food from spoiling. This unit has a linear compressor that reacts to fluctuations in temperature. This helps keep your food fresh for a longer period. There are also vents inside the fridge that are strategically placed in each section and pump cool air all around your food to keep it extra cool. 

Peace of Mind From LG

When you purchase a new refrigerator, the last thing you want to think about is what if something goes wrong. But with the LG Linear Compressor, this refrigerator uses fewer moving parts for operation, so there is a lower risk of something going wrong with it in the near future. And LG also backs their Linear Compressor with a 10-year limited warranty. 

Energy Star Certified

LG LFC21776ST Refrigerator

You will save money and save energy when you buy the LG LFC21776ST Refrigerator that is Energy Star certified. This model actually exceeds the qualifications for Energy Star certification and therefore this unit is sure to have a positive impact on your monthly electric bill. 

The Pros and Cons 

The LG LFC21776ST Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator may be one of the best that the brand has to offer. But there are always some issues that owners find regardless of how reliable the brand is. 

This LG LFC21776ST Counter Depth Refrigerator has cabinet depth sizing and a French Door style that will give your kitchen a very stylish and modern look. It is available in a sleek stainless steel exterior and has many excellent features that make it a great value.

There is plenty of food storage space in both the fridge and the freezer. Both doors have storage space that can hold large containers such as gallon milk jugs. LED lights illuminate the entire interior of the fridge, allowing you to clearly see what’s inside.

The large deli drawer is another plus not only because it provides you with space for those awkwardly large party trays, but also because you can adjust the temperature for that specific area so that you can keep deli meats at a colder temperature, keeping the meat fresh much longer.

There are a few disadvantages associated with the LG LFC21776ST Refrigerator. For starters, there is no filter built in for the ice maker. Therefore, you will need to install one on the outside to ensure that your water is filtered correctly.

The refrigerator is marketed as having enough space to accommodate 2 to 4 people. While it does have enough space to store food for two, enough food for four may be pushing it. For the price, many people feel that it could be much bigger.

The storage drawers for your food could have used some more thought from the design department. There are four drawers in all with two medium size drawers on top and a smaller drawer located in between them.

On the bottom is the wide deli drawer that is a good addition to the interior. The smaller drawer can only hold very small items such as small fruits or veggies. It would have been more functional if the smaller drawer was removed and the two medium-size drawers were replaced with two larger drawers.

Overall, the LG LFC21776ST has the right amount of space and all the best features that make it a good counter depth refrigerator. It comes with many modern features that will improve the functionality of your kitchen.

It isn’t as tall as most French Door models, which can be a plus if you have limited space in your kitchen to work with. If you are looking for a good counter depth refrigerator, the LG LFC21776ST is a great choice. 


  • Very stylish and features a modern look
  • Both freezer and fridge offer large storage space
  • Large deli drawer
  • Offers a lot of modern features


  • Not as tall as its competitors
  • Ice maker doesn't have a built in filter
  • It will hardly fit a kitchen with a smaller space

Tips for Buying the Right Refrigerator for your Home

Buying a refrigerator is a major investment for your home. This is a product that you and your family will use multiple times per day, and therefore you should take the appropriate steps to ensure that you make the best possible purchase. Here are a few tips on how to buy the right refrigerator for your home.

Take Measurements

Refrigerators come in a variety of sizes so it’s important that you measure the space you plan to put your new fridge in to ensure that it will fit correctly. You may have to remove or rearrange your kitchen cabinets if you are buying a taller refrigerator, so be sure to keep that in mind as well.

Decide on the Type of Fridge You Want

There are multiple types of refrigerators out there these days and they each serve a purpose aside from keeping your food cold. Two of the most popular include the Side by Side style and the French Door style.

Side by Side refrigerators have two large double doors that open up to a fridge on one side and a freezer on the other. The freezer on a side by side fridge is larger than the one on a French Door style, so if you use a freezer more often than the fridge, this could be a huge benefit to you.

A French Door refrigerator has two doors at the top for access to the fridge, and one big drawer at the bottom that is the freezer compartment. While it may look bigger, the freezer is actually smaller on a French Door model than a Side by Side. The fridge section however often has plenty of space and everything is at eye-level which makes it easier to find the items you want in a hurry.

What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

The LG  Refrigerator is a counter depth model and if you are in the middle of searching for the right fridge for your home, it’s likely that you have come across more than one model with this description. The meaning is actually quite simple. A counter depth refrigerator is one that is designed to align with the edges of your kitchen counter-tops. This will leave just the refrigerator door sticking out, this gives your kitchen a streamlined look that will make your recent renovations appear more expensive than they actually were.

Is the LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator the Right Choice for You?

When it is time to purchase a new fridge, you need to take some time to really think about which refrigerator is the best choice for you. This is not a purchase that you want to rush into. And it isn’t one of those things where you buy the cheapest product available. There are a few things in life where it’s worth paying a little extra to ensure that you get a quality product, and a refrigerator is one of those things.

The LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator is an excellent model to consider when you want to upgrade from your stand alone fridge. This unit offers plenty of storage space to accommodate up to 4 people. It has several modern features such as multiple temperature controls that guarantee your food will stay fresh much longer.

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