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When your refrigerator is on its last leg, the last thing you should do is sit around and wait for it to die completely. A fridge is too important to go without one. When you realize that you will need a new one soon, it is a good idea to start shopping around. You don't want to be caught without a working fridge, especially when you have a hungry family to feed. Having nowhere to store your food can become costly since you may resort to eating out or having to go to the store every single day to get what you need.

There are many options, so it will take time to look over the different brands and models available. You will have to think about style and features, along with value. It can be a lot of information to consider. It can also be overwhelming if you wait until the last minute. Of course, it helps if you can get some assistance, which is just what we are offering.

We have reviewed the LG LFXS29626S for you. We looked at every detail and brought you all the information you need to know if this is the fridge for you. We provide you with plenty of information on the specifications and features, along with comparing this model to two similar models to allow you to do some comparison shopping. We also provide you with some information about the company, so you can see if LG is the brand you want to buy. With the information we provide, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy.

LG Background Information


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LG is a leader in smartphones, but those are not the only things this company produces. LG has actually created a name for itself in the area of home appliances. As a company that sells everything from refrigerators to televisions, LG is always on the leading edge of technology. When someone hears the brand's name, they automatically think about forward-thinking and innovation. It wasn't always that way, though.

LG is a Korean company founded in 1958. Initially, the company was called GoldStar. It was designed to help rebuild the country through the manufacturing of electronics. It was the first company in the nation to manufacturer items such as washing machines, radios and refrigerators. Eventually, the company changed its name when it merged with another company called Lak-Hui Chemical. At that time the name became Lucky-Goldstar, which was shortened to LG, and that is used today.

The company had humble beginnings and goals when it started, but it has found its niche in chasing technology and learning from innovations. The brand's slogan is "Life's Good," but it has also shown its knack for technology through other slogans mentioning technical advancements and the future.

The company strives to focus on the people who make the company great. It wants its consumers to expect better and expect innovation, which it delivers through new products that feature amazing breakthroughs and ideas. Creativity is at the heart of LG products.

The company is continually changing and adapting to the market and the needs of consumers, which allows it to deliver high-quality products continuously. LG wants its customers to live better lives and be happier with the products they purchase. It delivers on this through ensuring quality and genuine customer care.

Product Specifications

The LG LFXS29626S is a French door style refrigerator, so named for the French doors on the refrigerator section of the unit. The fridge is on top, and the freezer is in a drawer at the bottom. This style is relatively popular due to its stylish look and overall ease of use.

This fridge is Energy Star-qualified and equipped with a Smart Cooling system and multi-air flow cooling. It also has a fresh air filter and linear compressor, which is known for being more durable and longer lasting than other common types of compressors. The unit has nine temperature sensors, a door alarm and a child lock. It features LoDecibel Quiet operation, along with SmartDiagnosis. The controls are white LED smooth touch controls.

The exterior is sleek and stylish with contoured doors that have hidden hinges and are auto-closing. The exterior surface is stainless steel and coated metal. It's available in smooth black, smooth white or stainless steel finishes with matching handles.

Within the fridge door, there is an ice and water dispenser. It is a tall dispenser, which means it accommodates larger glasses or pitchers. The ice maker is within the door and is a Slim SpacePlus design, so it doesn't rob the fridge door of space. Daily ice production is about 6.8 pounds, but it is capable of 7.3 pounds each day if you use the IcePlus option.

The unit's dimensions are as follows:

  • Depth: 36 1/4 inches
  • Height: 68 7/8 inches
  • Width: 35 3/4 inches

With the door open, you will need a total depth clearance of 48 1/8 inches. The width with the doors open at 90 degrees expands to 44 1/4 inches. You'll need extra space around the unit for installation. At the top, you need 1 inch, the sides need 1/8 inch and the back needs one inch.

The total capacity for the LG LFXS29626S is 28.7 cubic feet. The refrigerator has a total capacity of 18.8 cubic feet, and the freezer comes in at 9.9 cubic feet.

In the refrigerator, you get four total shelves. One of the shelves folds, allowing for more storage configuration options. The shelves are also cantilevered and feature SpillProtector tempered glass. It also has two humidity crispers and a bonus drawer. All bins are Glide N' Serve. In the doors, there are seven total shelves and bins for a lot of storage. Bins are clear with deco. There is also a dairy corner. The fridge is well-lit with LED lighting on the sides and ceiling.

The freezer is also ideal for organization with two drawers that feature Smart Pull technology, so you won't ever wrestle to get it open. It also features the DuraBase solid drawer base and comes with a drawer divider. There is also an ice maker in the freezer for extra ice, and the freezer has LED lighting.

The LG LFXS29626S comes with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. It also has a 5-year warranty for parts and labor on the sealed system and a 5-year warranty on the parts and labor for the compressor. The linear compressor also has a 6 to 10-year warranty for parts only.


The good news is that retailers often mark prices down from the MSRP. You can often save at least a couple hundred dollars. You can also buy directly from LG and get some excellent discounts, too. You typically will not have to pay full price, as discounts occur pretty regularly. You may have to shop around to ensure you find the best deal on the LG LFXS29626S.

How It Compares

Comparing one item to similar items is a great shopping trick to help you find the best choice. We want to help you do that with the LFXS29626S by comparing it to similar models from KitchenAid and Frigidaire. We provide you with helpful information and short reviews that let you see how these models stack up to the LFXS29626S.

The LG LFXS29626S fares very well with consumers. They love the space inside. The freezer is easy to get to and see what is in it because of the organization features. The fridge is very accommodating and allows for a large amount of food with customization for bigger items. Most customers were pleased. The only main issue was that getting repairs can be a hassle because there are not a lot of service providers that will work on an LG brand appliance. However, if you are looking for the best value, this fridge seems to offer it with the dual ice makers being a huge selling point, something you are apt to find in similarly priced models.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

  • KitchenAid
  • KitchenAid 218 cu ft French Door Refrigerator with Adjustable SpillClean Glass Shelves Interior Water Dispenser...

This fridge from KitchenAid gets pretty good reviews. It is spacious, and the interior is easy to organize. Some consumers had issues with getting service or getting filters. Also, the ice maker is small and doesn't hold much, which is a considerable downside compared to the LG model, since the LG model costs the same amount and comes with two ice makers.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

Quiet operation and plenty of storage space are two of the great things consumers say about this Frigidaire model. It is also easy to clean and has excellent lighting. This model matches up pretty well with the LG model, but getting service is likely to be easier since this is a brand that is made in the U.S.A. However, it doesn't have all the features that the LG model comes with, such as the dual ice makers.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

Pros and Cons

Getting a feel for what other consumers think about a product is a good idea because it can help you see if a product is lacking. We went through countless reviews of the LFXS29626S to discover what people think is good and bad about this fridge. We made sure to avoid bias and to keep things as accurate as possible in creating the following list of pros and cons for the LFXS29626S.


  • Very spacious
  • Dual ice maker means you always have ice on hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Drawers are made well and not flimsy
  • Easy to accommodate large or tall items in the
  • Excellent lighting illuminates all areas of the interior
  • Quiet operation


  • Can be hard to find someone to service if repairs are needed
  • Both doors must be open to access the middle drawer


The only reason we could not give the LG LFXS29626S five stars was because of the service issues that some customers experienced. It seems that it really depends on where you live. If you are close to a larger city, then you probably won't have trouble finding someone who will service your LG model refrigerator. However, if you are not near a large city, then you should be prepared to wait to get any repairs done, including wait time to order parts if needed.

Besides the service issues, this is a well-built refrigerator. It has plenty of space inside that is very accommodating. Configuring the fridge to meet your needs is easy. It is also a snap to keep this thing clean, which is always nice, especially if you are the one who will be stuck cleaning it. We all know how kids or careless adults can spill in the fridge and cause a huge mess. It is nice knowing it won't be too difficult to clean up.

Consumers also thought LG did a great job loading this model with useful features. The dual ice makers came up in more reviews than not. They allow for you to have as much ice as you need throughout the day without worry of running out, even if you are heavy ice user. This is very convenient. Plus, neither ice maker takes up much space, so it doesn't affect storage space too much, which, again, is wonderful. People loved the ability to configure the area to meet their needs and felt the lighting was amazing, allowing for them to see throughout the fridge easily.

The bottom line with the LG LFXS29626S is that we recommend this product. We feel that it provides a great value. You get exactly what you want and more at this excellent price point. It is a wide fridge, so be careful to measure your space. With that warning aside, you should find that if you choose to buy this unit, it will hold up nicely and be a long-lasting fridge that you can depend on for years to come.

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