LG LFX28968ST Full Refrigerator: Review and Information

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Your kitchen is the social center of your entire home. Your refrigerator is the appliance center of the kitchen. Whether you are in the market for your first fridge or a replacing an old, damaged or inefficient model, you may be thinking about purchasing an LG LFX28968ST refrigerator.

Since any refrigerator purchase is significant, we want to be sure you have enough information to make a smart buy. Accordingly, we have created a comprehensive review of the LG LFX28968ST refrigerator. In this review, we introduce you to the fridge, look at its specifications and price, compare it to a few other refrigerators and tell you what is good and bad about it.

In preparing this article, we didn’t only look at marketing materials from LG. On the contrary, we considered professional reviews from a variety of sources. We also examined dozens of reviews from actual customers. Finally, we have assigned an overall rating for the LG LFX28968ST. Read on to see what we think of this French door refrigerator.

What Is an LG LFX28968ST Refrigerator?

LG has been a leader in making personal electronic devices for years. The company also produces major appliances. One of these is the LG LFX28968ST refrigerator. This refrigerator maintains a cold temperature to prevent food from spoiling. It also has a freezer compartment that keeps items frozen. Additionally, the refrigerator features an icemaker and water dispenser.

The LG LFX28968ST is a sleek, modern refrigerator. This model gives you 27 cubic feet of refrigerator storage space. That’s big. In fact, this fridge is considered to be a super refrigerator. Meanwhile, hidden hinges and curved doors make the LG LFX28968ST one of the most stylish refrigerators on the market today. Stainless steel handles complement the refrigerator’s overall finish.

The LG LFX28968ST has a French door design. This includes two doors on the upper two-thirds of the appliance that open outward. The bottom of the appliance is a pullout drawer. This drawer houses the freezer compartment. The icemaker is slim, so you can access most of the refrigerator’s inside compartment. The water dispenser is slick and functional. A digital display helps you toggle from ice dispensing to water dispensing. With just the push of a button, you have access to a steady supply of water, crushed ice or cubed ice. Finally, the LG LFX28968ST has clear and white plastic shelving that gives it a modern look.

LG LFX28968ST Specifications

​The LG FX28968ST is a big refrigerator. The appliance’s physical dimensions are formidable. This is not a counter-deep fridge. Instead, it is sizeable enough to become the focal point in any kitchen. Made by LG, the FX28968ST is a mainstream refrigerator. As such, you probably shouldn’t consider the brand to be a value-based one. You also shouldn’t worry about the quality of the components inside the appliance. Before we look at our comprehensive review of the LG FX28968ST, we should explore some of its specifications.

  • Dimensions: 35 3/4-inches wide by 69 3/4-inches tall by 35 3/8-inches wide
  • Weight: 324 pounds
  • Refrigerator capacity: 36.8 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 8.9 cubic feet
  • Door type: French three-door
  • Water filtration system: LT700P

General Features

​LG seemingly thought of everything when it designed the LFX28968ST. This appliance features a child door lock and a door alarm. It also has membrane/white LED display, giving it a modern look. The fridge’s Smart Cooling technology provides even temperature throughout the refrigerator and freezer compartments. An auto-closing door, low-decibel feature and Multi Air Flow capabilities round out the impressive features on the LFX28968ST. The unit is also ADA-compliant.

​Refrigerator Features

​The refrigerator compartment on the LG LFX28968ST provides you with four split shelves and one folding shelf. Since these shelves contain Spill Protector tempered glass, you don’t have to worry about either staining or breaking. Shelves are also cantilevered. The refrigerator has two humidity crispers and six temperature sensors. An LED light provides enough illumination to view all items in the refrigerator clearly. We discuss the refrigerator’s interior lights in greater detail below.

​Freezer Features

​The freezer on the LG LFX28968ST fits inside a pull-door compartment. Two doors make organizing frozen food in the 8.9-cubic-feet space simple and effective. Because the freezer handle uses Smart Pull technology, you don’t have to strain yourself to open it. Finally, the freezer has an ice bin and an incandescent bulb.

​Materials, Finishes and Overall Look

​If you are looking for a modern refrigerator, the LG LFX28968ST is it. This appliance features a contoured door, hidden hinges and a toe grille. It is available in stainless steel, smooth white or smooth black. Matching commercial handles give this refrigerator a streamlined, innovative and industrial look. The back is flush, with a metal cover protecting mechanical components.

​Energy Certification

​The LG LFX28968ST features some impressive energy features. First, this model boasts Energy Star certification. It uses an estimated 715 kilowatt hours of energy per year. For budgeting purposes, plan to spend around $86 per year on utility costs for your appliance. That equates to approximately $3 per cubic foot per year.


​Inside the refrigerator compartment of the LG FX28968ST, you find LED lighting. This lighting is bright and white. Bulbs are also distributed throughout the compartment, allowing you to see virtually anything inside the LG FX28968ST. Unfortunately, the freezer compartment does not have the same lighting. Instead, it has a single incandescent bulb. We can’t imagine that changing this bulb is a fun project. We also worry that the single bulb won’t provide adequate light when the freezer compartment is full. For an empty compartment, though, the bulb is perfectly fine.


LG includes a one-year limited warranty on new LFX28968ST refrigerators. This warranty covers parts and labor. An additional five-year limited warranty protects against damage to components in the sealed system and covers repairs. The compressor has the same five-year warranty. The linear compressor warranty covers parts and not labor. That warranty is six to 10 years.

The company uses a proprietary diagnostic tool to assist with repairs. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a repair technician to inspect your appliance. On the contrary, you can call customer support and learn how to run a diagnostic on the fridge. Once you start the sequence, speakers on your LG LFX28968ST emit a tone. By holding your phone to the tone’s source, you enable the customer service representative to tell you what repairs your refrigerator needs. This tool and service often make repair appointments more productive.

​LG LFX28968ST Pricing

The LG FX28968ST pricing is somewhat competitive. Savvy consumers often find rebates and discounts that save them a few hundred dollars, however. While it's asking price may seem like a high price for a refrigerator, the LG FX28968ST is reasonably priced when considering its features. Not only is the refrigerator stylish, but it also has modern cooling technologies that do a better job of preserving your perishables than many other fridges with similar price tags. Still, the MSRP on the LG FX28968ST is high enough for us to describe it as expensive.

different from others

How the LG LFX28968ST Compares to Other Refrigerators

​While the LG FX28968ST is an excellent refrigerator, it is expensive. Consumers who would rather not pay such a high price for an appliance may want to look at some of LG’s competitors. Here are three refrigerators that compare to the LG FX28968ST.

Comparison Table



​Amana AF12539ERM

Amana AF12539ERM

Amana is Whirlpool’s value brand. The AF12539ERM is a French door refrigerator that features a pullout freezer compartment. While the Amana and the LG FX28968ST are alike, the LG refrigerator is significantly better. Here is how the Amana AF12539ERM compares:

Ease of use: 3.5/5

Assembly time: 4.5/5

Build quality: 4/5

Warranty: 3.5/5

​Frigidaire FGHF2367TF

​The Frigidaire FGHF2367TF is one of the smallest French door refrigerators on the market today. With under 22 cubic feet of storage space, the Frigidaire appliance has about five fewer cubic feet of storage space than the LG FX28968ST. Here is how the Frigidaire refrigerator compares:

Ease of use: 4/5

Assembly time: 4.5/5

Warranty 4.5/5



​The GE PYE22PMKES French door refrigerator is an energy-efficient offering from the well-known appliance maker. Like the Frigidaire above, the GE PYE22PMKES is smaller than the LG FX28968ST. It is, though, one of the most energy-efficient French-door refrigerators available. Still, with a price tag that matches the LG FX28968ST, you pay more for less space if you go with the GE offering.

Ease of use: 4/5

Assembly time: 4.5/5

Warranty: 4.5/5

While there are other French door refrigerators available for purchase, none is as great as the LG FX28968ST. Professional reviewers and ordinary consumers alike appreciate the LG FX28968ST for its many features and smart design. Continue reading to check out the pros and cons of the LG FX28968ST!


  • ​Huge storage capacity
  • ​Stylish, modern look
  • ​Energy efficiency


  • ​Icemaker storage capacity
  • ​Fingerprints and smudges
  • ​Expensive price

​Pro: Huge Storage Capacity

​With 27 cubic feet of storage space, the LG LFX28968ST is one of the largest refrigerators on the market. You take full advantage of the storage area, as the icemaker has a slim design that doesn’t infringe on other space. The refrigerator’s 8.9 cubic feet of storage space are also nice. Meanwhile, crispers and shelves make storing items appropriately simple.

​Con: Ice Maker Storage Capacity

​The icemaker on the LG LFX28968ST is small to give you full access to the storage area in the fridge and freezer. A downside of a small icemaker, though, is limited ice storage capacity. While the unit holds enough ice for a couple to moderately use it, a family will likely run out frequently. We would like to see a larger ice storage space on the LG LFX28968ST.

​Pro: Stylish, Modern Look

​It is hard to overstate how much we love the stylish, modern look of the LG LFX28968ST. Even though this appliance has a minimalistic appearance, its appearance is versatile enough to work in virtually any kitchen. Whether you want a clean, cool place to store perishables or want to impress your friends with a nifty fridge, the LG LFX28968ST has you covered.

​Con: Fingerprints and Smudges

​Like many stainless steel refrigerators, the LG LFX28968ST is susceptible to fingerprints and smudging. While there are available cleaners to remove these, they accumulate quickly. Some users even find completely erasing blemishes to be challenging. Since the handles don’t smudge, your best bet is to always touch the handles on your refrigerator and freezer instead of its stainless steel finish.

​Pro: Energy Efficiency

​The LG LFX28968ST is Energy Star certified. If you want to power your appliance for a full year, you need about 715 kilowatt hours. That’s reasonable. In fact, you may spend as little as $86 per year for large-capacity storage space inside the LG LFX28968ST. Whether you want to trim energy costs or simply maintain them, you can’t go wrong by investing in this appliance.

​Con: Expensive Price

​With a price tag of nearly $2,500, the LG LFX28968ST is expensive. This model routinely goes on sale, though, so you may pick one up for a few hundred dollars less. Still, the high price of this appliance puts it out of reach for many budget-conscious shoppers.


​Final Thoughts on the LG LFX28968ST Refrigerator

We can’t say enough good things about the LG FX28968ST. The refrigerator features a supersized storage space in its refrigerator. The freezer also has ample area to keep frozen items cold. Inside the fridge, excellent organizational options make it simple to maintain the overall appearance of your refrigerator.

As far as French door refrigerators go, the LG FX28968ST has a long list of impressive, innovative features. While its huge size is the biggest selling feature in our opinion, we can’t let you forget about the energy efficiency and smart layout of this appliance. We also must remind you of the fantastic warranty that accompanies the LG FX28968ST.

While the LG FX28968ST is an excellent refrigerator, it isn’t perfect. The small icemaker makes sense, but it doesn’t produce enough ice to support most families. It also has a comparatively high price tag. Still, these drawbacks aren’t enough to make us want to shy away from the LG FX28968ST. Simply put, we think the LG FX28968ST is a smart buy.

If the LG LFX28968ST is not the refrigerator for you and your family, we recommend checking out our KitchenAid KRFC200ESS review. It is a great, high-quality refrigerator! We are confident that you will like this one! Also, if you need additional help choosing a refrigerator, check out Lowe's refrigerator buying guide


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