LMXS30776S Full Refrigerator And Product Specifications


Large and in charge refrigerators are becoming ever more popular, especially for those who have larger families or do a lot of cooking from home for various reasons. The Lmxs30776s is a 4-door refrigerator that hit the market back around 2014 but is still featured in both brick and mortar stores as well as online.

With larger refrigerators in higher demand, what does the Lmsx30776s have to offer? Throughout this article, we not only go over this model’s features and specifications, but we also take a look at where it is priced on the market and then compare it to some of its competitors currently on the market.

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The LMXS30776S LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator


The Lmxs30776s is an LG electronics French Door style refrigerator that has a generous 29.7 cu. Ft capacity. While this model is rather large and takes up some prime space in the kitchen, it is designed to help people really maximize their space with a variety of different flexible storage options.

Features such as the CustomChill drawer, door-in-door, nine door bins, and crisper drawer allow users to not only customize their space but ensure that their goods are stored in the proper manner so that they won’t go bad prematurely.

The fresh air filter and Smart Cooling Plus system helps to ensure that both the fridge and freezer maintain their ideal temperatures and freshness. This means food lasts longer in the fridge and the risks of freezer burn are minimalized.

This unit also features a water and ice dispenser, both of which are filtered. This can help cut down on your families need for things like bottled and filtered water because it will now be easily dispensed directly from your refrigerator. 

Features and Specs of the LMXS30776S LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator

This LG Electronics French Door refrigerator has quite a bit to offer users, so we’ve listed as many of the specs and features we could find in an easy to read table below.


Depth (Excluding Handles): 36.63

Depth (Including Handles): 39.13

Depth (Less Door): 31.75

Depth with Door Open 90 Degrees (In): 51

Height to Top of Door Hinge (in.): 70.25

Height to Top of Refrigerator (in.): 68.88

Product Depth (in.): 36.63

Product Height (in.): 70.25

Product Width (in.): 35.75

Refrigerator Width (In.): 35.75

Color - Appliance Cabinet: Gray

Color - Door Handle(s): Stainless Steel

Color/Finish: Stainless Steel

Color/Finish Family: Stainless Steel

Defrost Type: Auto / Cycle

Door Finish: Smooth

Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 739

Energy Efficiency Tier Rating: Tier I

Freezer Door Type: Pull Out Drawer

Freezer Type: Drawer Freezer

Ice/Water Dispenser: Both

Number of Doors: 4 Door

Number of Drawers: Double Drawer

Number of Freezer Baskets/Bins: 3 Baskets/Bins

Number of Freezer Shelves: No Shelves

Number of Refrigerator Shelves: 4 Shelves

Power Options: Hardwired

Product Weight (lb.): 397lb

Shelf Material – Freezer: Plastic

Shelf Material – Refrigerator: Glass

Smart Home: Smart Home Enabled

Smart Home Protocol: NFC

Temperature Control Type: External digital

Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 29.7


Smart Cooling Plus Technology – The Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporators react quickly to the device’s humidity and temperatures levels, helping to maintain the optimal conditions inside the refrigerator.

Humidity-Controlled Crispers – The two crispers help to keep fruits and vegetables at their best quality while the temperature-controlled Glide N’ Serve draw is ideal for story different party platters, deli meats, and even cheeses.

Door-in-Door Feature – The Lmxs30776s’s door-in-door design allows users to easily grab beverages and snack on the go without having to open the door all the way.

Easy Organization – With four half-width, spill-proof, tempered-glass shelves and a folding shelf that can accommodate tall, oversize items make for organizing your new fridge a breeze. The Glide N’ Access shelves also help to pull out difficult to reach items.

Temperature Control Made Easy with CustomChill Drawer – The CustomChill drawer has two dividers in it that lets users pick from four different temperatures setting in with to store their food in either a freezer or refrigerator environment.

9 Door Bins – The nine door bins help users to maximize their space. There are two gallon-sized bins and five half-width bins and one mini bin for a variety of different options.

3-Tier Pull-Out Drawers in Freezer – The pull-out drawer freezer has three tiers of pull-out drawers to help keep your freezer organized and items easy to access.

Thru-the-Door Ice & Water Dispenser with Filtration – Users have access to filter water and ice thanks to the Thru-the-Door dispenser.

LED Control Setting Display – The LED control setting display is located on the dispenser. Such settings include a child lock to prevent any unwanted access by the little ones.

Door Alarm – The door alarm helps by alerting users that they may have left the door open either for too long or by accident.

Pricing of the Lmxs30776S LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator

The pricing of the Lmxs30776S LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator ranges widely depending on the retailer that you are looking at, so we’ve compiled a short list of locations and their prices for you to review below:

  • Am​​​​azon
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy

There are lower prices throughout the internet and from many retailers, but many of those are refurbished, models. If a refurbished​​​​ model is okay in your books, then you can save an  additional grand or two, though you may not get the warranties that come with new models. 

Reviews of the Lmxs30776S LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator

Since the Lmxs30776s LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator has been on the market for a number of years now, we were able to do some extensive research into what consumers thought of the device. Because let’s face it when shopping for something as vital as a refrigerator, we’d all rather hear from our fellow consumers than from the companies and their affiliates, am I right? 

That being said, let’s see what consumers had to say about the Lmxs30776s refrigerator.


While doing our research on the Lmxs30776s LG Electronics refrigerator, there were plenty of positive notes left by satisfied customers.

The fact that this refrigerator was large and in charge, with plenty of storage space had many consumers over the moon. The average household has a minimum of three individuals in it, so let’s say two adults and at least one child. The amount of food and beverages that this family will vary, but as the family continues to grow, the need for more always seems to become a common issue. Having plenty of space in this unit makes this a refrigerator for those who need options.

Not only is this unit praised for its storage space, but for the variety of different ways users can organize the space. With so many different storage options in this unit, consumers have little to complain about when it comes to being able to find and properly store what they need.

Another thing that consumers simply loved was the fact that this unit had so many different features, some of which you can read about above. The digital displays, the Smart Cooling Plus technology, and the door-in-door feature are only a few of the highly remarked on features. Consumers really had little to complain about as far as the features go.

Other notable comments from consumers included the fact that this unit does run quietly and that the LED lighting does a wonderful job of lighting up the interior of the unit.


While consumers had so many positive things to say about the Lmsx30776s unit, there were quite a number of disgruntled customers that highly recommended that shoppers stay away from this LG refrigerator.

The absolute worst issue that consumers seemed to have with this unit was the fact that it simply didn’t last as long as it should before it started needing repairs. Worst of all, once it needed the first repair, many found that there were just constant repairs that needed to be made after. While some said their units lasted for two or more years before it started having issues, some consumers stated that their units lasted no more than two or three months.

When it came to the number one repair complaint, it seemed as if the unit’s compressor was the worst issue. In most cases, the compressor had to be replaced, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the part was constantly on back order, meaning people had to go days or weeks without their unit, which is simply unacceptable for such a vital household appliance.


  • Plenty of Impressive Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Appealing Design
  • Very Spacious
  • Runs Quiet
  • LED Lighting


  • Constantly in Need of Repairs
  • Peeling Finish
  • Ice Bin Too Small
  • Water/Ice Unit Leaks
  • Door-in-Door Feature Results in Odd Temperature Readings
  • Compressor Issues 

How Does the Lmxs30776S LG Electronics Refrigerator Compare to Its Competitors?

The Lmxs30776s LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator, despite its negative reviews, still scores pretty highly amongst consumers thanks to the space and features that it provides.

So how exactly does it stand up to similar models currently on the market?

Below, we have listed three similar refrigerator models that are often compared to the LG model and provided a little information on them, their price and their overall ratings amongst consumers.

So take a few minutes and see how the LG model compares to its competition.

This Samsung French Door refrigerator gives consumers all the storage they need and an exterior water dispenser. The exterior refrigerated drawer helps keep frequently used items within easy reach while easily adjustable door bins make organizing your fridge a breeze. The bottom freezer draw also features a 2-tier design, allowing users to keep their freezer just as organized as their fridge.


Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ 25 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

This Whirlpool French Door refrigerator gives consumers all the storage they need and an exterior water dispenser. The exterior refrigerated drawer helps keep frequently used items within easy reach while easily adjustable door bins make organizing your fridge a breeze. The bottom freezer draw also features a 2-tier design, allowing users to keep their freezer just as organized as their fridge.


Kitchen Aid KRFC300ESS KRFC300ESS 20 Cu. Ft. stainless Counter-Depth...
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 20 / Fridge: 14.38 / Freezer: 5.62
  • ExtendFresh Temperature Management System
  • Interior Water Dispenser

This KitchenAid refrigerator helps users maximize the freshness of produce with the Preserva Food Care System which combines three distinctive features, including an ethylene-absorption cartridge that helps keep produce fresh for a longer period. This three-door French door unit has two fresh food doors and one bottom mount freezer drawer.


Our Final Verdict on the Lmxs30776S LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator

After looking over the details of the Lmxs30776s LG Electronics French Door Refrigerator and comparing it to some of its competitors, we have to say that we were simply not all that impressed. Sure, the Lmxs30776s has some outstanding features and is very spacious, but the number of negatives amongst consumers had us second guessing the greatness of this unit.

The LG unit is very pricey when compared to its competitors, whom all offer similar features for nearly $500 to a grand less than the LG unit. The fact that it also has many issues with repairs and the fact that users found it to not last as long as it should have us rating this refrigerator lower than what consumers.

That being said, we would recommend you take a serious look at the competitors before you put all your money into the refrigerator unit.

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