Samsung RF260BEAESR Refrigerator Comprehensive Review

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Buying a new refrigerator may be a process you aren't quite prepared for, especially if you haven't bought one in the last decade. The advances in technology have really changed this industry. Now you have refrigerators that operate like mini-computers. With so many advanced features, you may easily get overwhelmed.

One of the downsides to all these options is it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need and whether certain features are really that helpful. It can make things easier if you read reviews of the units you are considering.

We want to offer you a review of a top seller on the market, the Samsung RF260BEAESR. We will start by giving you a little background information on refrigerators and general buying tips.

Then we will go over the Samsung RF260BEAESR refrigerator completely to inform you of every feature and aspect that will affect usability and your level of satisfaction. 

We will then compare it to a couple of other similar models made by competitors. Finally, we will give you a pros and cons list along with our final rating and recommendation. This information should make it much easier for you to assess the Samsung RF260BEAESR.

Samsung RF260BEAESR refrigerator

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How a Fridge Works

Despite all the technical advances, the way today's refrigerators operate at a basic level is exactly the same as they always have. The technology that makes your food colder is fairly simple and pretty easy to understand. Each fridge starts with five main components:

The refrigerant flows through the coils, which are located inside and outside the unit. The compressor is what moves the fluid. The fluid cools the interior of the fridge, and as it does so, the fluid heats and becomes a gas.

It travels through coils outside the fridge to cool down again and become a fluid. This cycle repeats to keep your refrigerator and freezer cold.

Shopping Tips

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As you begin to shop and compare your options, you will be bombarded with a lot of information. It is important to prepare a little before you even start to review different fridges.

The best place to start is with size. You have to make sure the fridge will fit in the space you have, so measure the area carefully. Be sure to double check your measurements.

After you know what size refrigerator you need, consider the capacity, which is the storage space inside. Think about how much food you usually have in your fridge and freezer, including commonly stored items. Look at the capacity of your current unit to help you decide whether you want more or less space.

Next, consider all the features. You may think a certain attribute sounds great, but in reality, it may not be something you even use. So, do your research into the features offered and make a list of the ones you must have.

You may also want to, at this point, investigate different brands. There are a lot of brands making refrigerators, so get to know a little about each one. Some have stellar reputations while others may make fridges that are plagued with issues. Before you shop, it is good to know which companies are the most highly respected.

Finally, consider price. Refrigerators can be very expensive. Some cost about five grand or more. So, you need to set your budget and shop accordingly. Keep in mind that if you want more high-tech features or a bigger unit, you will have to pay more. Make sure your budget matches your needs.

Samsung RF260BEAESR Specifications

The Samsung RF260BEAESR is a French-door style unit. This means it has a refrigerator on the top and a freezer on the bottom. The fridge doors open out from the middle.

This style is very popular and in high demand because it allows for better access to all the items in the fridge. The freezer portion includes drawers that help to keep the compartment organized.

This unit comes in stainless steel and has curved handles and contoured doors that give it an elegant look. It is 35.75 inches wide, 70 inches tall and 35.75 inches deep.

The RF260BEAESRhas a digital thermostat with power freeze and power cool options. It has surround air flow, as well. In addition, you get the following features:

  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • EZ-Open handle
  • Two-minute door alarm
  • check
    CoolTight door

The total capacity of the refrigerator is 25.5 cubic feet. It offers 17.5 cubic feet of storage in the fridge and eight cubic feet in the freezer. There is a lot of adjustable space in the unit, which is lit brightly with LED lighting

In the fridge, you will find three adjustable shelves on each door. They are each large enough to handle a gallon jug. You also get humidity-controlled crispers, and one of the shelves features a retractable front.

All of the shelves have tempered glass and are spill proof. One of the nicest storage features is the pantry drawer. It has independent temperature settings. You can set it to chilled (34 degrees), fresh (38 degrees) and deli (41 degrees).

In total, you get five shelves and six bins. The freezer is also rather large. It has an ice maker, but the bucket is removable.

The Samsung RF260BEAESR also comes with a standard warranty that offers the following:

  • One year for parts and labor
  • Five years for sealed refrigeration system parts and labor
  • 10 years for digital inverter compressor parts
  • check
    Five years for digital inverter compressor labor


This is a lower-priced unit, which is especially good news considering the nice features that you get. The suggested retail price from Samsung is almost two thousand dollars, but the appliance often is sold for far less.

Samsung regularly offers discounts, as do retailers. You can buy straight from Samsung or from the many companies that sell kitchen appliances.

How It Compares

The Samsung RF260BEAESR is a lower-tier refrigerator that compares nicely to similar models from other manufacturers. We looked over a few key details about the RF260BEAESR and two top competitor models to give you a better idea of how it stacks up.

We provided you with the name and price of each, along with ratings for ease of use and build quality. We also rated assembly time and warranty, but these are pretty standard across the board for all three models, so we gave them all a default rating of 4.5/5 in these categories.

We also provided a little commentary about each fridge to give you some additional important information.

No products found.

The RF260BEAESR is a wonderful value. It comes with some nice features that make it very easy to use. Consumers especially love the pantry drawer, which makes this unit stand out from the competition. 

The elegant finish to the exterior also makes this fridge look as if it is a higher-end unit, but you get it at an affordable price.

Ease Of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality


No products found.

The Whirlpool WRF532SMHV may be the same price as the Samsung model, but it offers only 22 cubic feet of space, while the RF260BEAESR has 25.5 cubic feet. 

The Whirlpool is also difficult to move since the wheels must be locked and unlocked with a tool. However, consumers do like that it is fingerprint resistant, and many commented on the nice interior layout.

Ease Of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality


GE GSS25GSHSS Side Refrigerator
  • Adjustable door bins creates additional storage for large items
  • Deep door bins allow you to store gallon-sized or larger items, providing more door storage and freeing up shelf space
  • Glass freezer shelves give a high-end appearance with secure storage for a variety of items

This unit actually compares very favorably to the Samsung. In fact, it is actually bigger at 28.5 cubic feet. The GE gets great reviews for being spacious and offering reliable operation.

However, many users reported temperature control issues, with the unit running too hot after just a short time. They also reported that it is louder than other models.

Ease Of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality


Comparison Table



Samsung RF260BEAESR
Whirlpool WRF532SMHV

Ease Of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality



Pros And Cons

Any product review needs a pros and cons list. Whenever you read customer reviews, you probably see at least a few negative comments. Sometimes this is due to customers reviewing the store where they bought the appliance rather than the appliance itself.

Other times, there are defects within one or a few units produced at the same time, and people are reviewing those defective units.

To ensure that our pros and cons list was comprehensive yet accurate, we considered various reviews along with expert opinions.

We gathered as much information as possible so we could be sure to deliver only the most valid cons and the most common pros. This list should give you the most accurate breakdown of the Samsung RF260BEAESR you can find.


  • Sliding shelf allows for taller bottles to easily fit
  • Temperature control in pantry drawer is very useful
  • Ice maker water filter is easy to replace
  • check-circle
    Has straightforward controls
  • check-circle
    Door storage can accommodate gallon jugs
  • check-circle
    Contains lots of storage space
  • check-circle
    Is easy to organize
  • check-circle
    Has a very elegant style and look


  • Ice maker is noisy
  • Shelves are lower quality and may break easily

There is one additional item that could have been placed on the pro or con list. Many people listed the lack of an external ice dispenser as a reason why they bought this particular model. However, for others, this may be a negative. It really depends on your personal preference.


The reviews on the Samsung RF260BEAESR are rather mixed. Some users experienced major issues with the cooling system that led to the unit not working at all in less than year. However, Samsung does honor its warranties. Customer service can be difficult to contact, though, making it tough to cash in on the warranty. With persistence, Samsung will help ensure your refrigerator gets fixed.

Still, there are far more positive reviews of the Samsung RF260BEAESR than negative ones. While some complained about noisy operation or temperature issues, others did not understand what those customers were talking about.

There really is a huge difference in customer experiences, which led to our four-star rating. We simply could not give this unit a higher rating due to the severe issues reported by so many users, but because it had far more positive reviews, we did feel it was a solid four.

When looking at the most common cons, the biggest one was the shelves. More specifically, the hardware breaks down easily, and the shelves themselves are of a lower quality and can break more easily than glass shelves do.

This may call for a gentler hand when moving shelves and bins. Of course, at this price point, this is not an uncommon issue. Shelves are often where the quality is lowered to save you money.

If you are really concerned about shelf quality, then you probably should spend more money on a higher-end unit. Most people, however, found that as long as the shelves were not handled roughly, they stood up just fine.

The bottom line with this fridge is that many people who reviewed it expected too much. This is a lower-priced refrigerator. It won't be made with the top materials because costs have to be cut somewhere. If you are on a budget and do not intend to be too rough with your fridge, then this one should work just fine.

It does have some nice, higher-end features and a very sleek design, which was something everyone seemed to agree on. It operates nicely and give you plenty of storage space within the fridge and freezer areas. The internal ice maker can be a pro or a con, depending on your needs, so keep that in mind.

Our recommendation is that the Samsung RF260BEAESR is a great choice for budget-conscious consumers who want a larger refrigerator. It does have some issues, but many can be avoided if you use the fridge gently. Most people found this to be an excellent purchase, so we do recommend putting it on your short list.

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