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How many times do you go to your refrigerator each day? You probably have snack attacks more frequently than you think. The refrigerator is the centerpiece of your kitchen, so you want to make the best decision possible when it is time to replace your old unit. The Samsung RS25H5111SR refrigerator is an excellent choice to consider.

Samsung makes a wide range of refrigerators in many colors and styles. This model is the more traditional side-by-side model with an in-door icemaker. It is easy to access, especially for those who have difficulty bending down to reach a bottom freezer drawer. The unit thus complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will review the stainless-steel model, but you can also get the black or white versions.

There is a wealth of information available about refrigerators and their features. User reviews, manufacturing data and technical articles explain how these appliances work in your home. We summarized key features of this refrigerator to help you with your search. This model may be the best fit for your home! 

Samsung RS25H5111SR Energy Star 24.5 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side...
  • Twin cooling plus system, multi air flow, Power Freeze and Power Cool options, plus LED lighting
  • Premium external filtered water & ice dispenser, plus automatic in-door icemaker
  • 24.5 cu. ft. total capacity: 15.3 refrigerator side , 9.2 freezer side

The Samsung RS25H5111SR has 24.5 cubic feet of capacity to store plenty of groceries for your family. It is 70 inches tall and 36 inches deep. According to Samsung, it holds 25 bags of groceries! At least one user has said the unit was much larger than his older model that took up the same amount of floor space.

This fridge has a modern stainless-steel finish, so it won't look out of place next to your other appliances. The side-by-side design also lets the little ones in your house help themselves – when you let them!

Users report the refrigerator is very quiet, a welcome feature in our noisy world. They also like the in-door ice maker placement and the sleek door handle design.

We expect good performance from our appliances, but sometimes problems occur. Many users report favorable experiences when working with Samsung's customer service. Samsung stands behind its refrigerators and works with customers to resolve issues. Peace of mind is important with major appliance purchases, even if you never have to make that repair phone call. 


The Samsung RS25H5111SR side-by-side model fits in many kitchens. However, you should always measure your available space before making your purchase.

You will be pleased with the features in this stylish refrigerator. Here are the key specifications:

  • Total Capacity: 24.5 cubic feet
  • Freezer: 9.2 cubic feet
  • Refrigerator: 15.3 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 35.75 inches wide, 36.5 inches deep, 69.875 inches high
  • Weight: 279 pounds
  • Energy Use: 634 kilowatt-hours per cycle (ENERGY STAR® rated)
  • Estimated Yearly Operating Cost: $76
  • Icemaker with readily available HAF-CIN replacement filter
  • LED lighting to improve visibility
  • Six temperature sensors
  • Crisper drawers for vegetables and fruits
  • Gallon door bins for increased shelf space
  • Spill-proof shelves to contain liquids
  • Door alarm to prevent excessive cool air loss

Multi-Air Flow


The Twin Cooling Plus™ feature in this Samsung product improves cooling and air flow. Refrigerator fans remove heat from the unit using refrigerant. Many manufacturers use a single flow path to cool both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The Samsung RS25H5111SR uses two evaporators, one dedicated to the freezer and the other for the refrigerator. You control the temperature and humidity levels separately to reduce food spoilage due to excess moisture. The separate air flow systems also keep food odors from crossing between the two compartments. You will appreciate the difference!

Digital Inverter Compressor

This Samsung model uses a digital inverter compressor. Older refrigerator compressors run at a single speed as they circulate refrigerant through the system. The compressor suddenly turns off when reaching the correct temperature. The digital inverter compressor operates at variable speeds and does not turn off. It runs faster to cool the unit and slows down when reaching the correct temperature. It is much quieter and more efficient. Samsung states the improved compressor uses 46.9 percent less energy than those in older models. 

Temperature Sensors

The Samsung RS25H5111SR has six temperature sensors distributed throughout the unit. Strategic placement ensures temperature and humidity remain consistent throughout the refrigerator. The dual-evaporator system collects sensor data and continuously adjusts compressor speed. The integrated system reduces freezer burn when it creates drier air in the frozen compartment.


Energy Star, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, is a voluntary program where manufacturers certify products according to specific government standards. The Energy Star label makes it easy to compare products for energy efficiency and environmental impact. This Samsung refrigerator has uses 634 kilowatt-hours per cycle and costs $76 per year to operate. The Consortium for Energy Efficiency, or CEE, also provides a rating ranging from Tier I to Tier III. The Samsung model has a Tier III rating, the highest available. 

Spill-Proof Shelves

We all make mistakes, and that milk carton may get bumped over when you reach for the hot sauce. Spill-proof shelves do not prevent spills, but the Samsung RS25H5111SR design contains liquids so they do not move down the entire unit. The tempered glass construction also increases safety, so you can easily wipe up the spilled milk and enjoy your chips and hot sauce snack.

Crisper Drawers

Fruits, vegetables, and meats need different humidity levels for extended shelf life. This refrigerator has three clear crisper drawers, and you can set separate humidity levels for each one to maintain peak freshness and reduce spoilage. 

Door Bins

Liquids come in many sizes, so you want to organize them for easy access. This model has two clear bins, one dairy bin, and two gallon bins in the door. You can separate them by size.


Power Cool and Freeze

Did you accidentally leave the freezer or refrigerator door open? Maybe your area suffered a temporary power outage, and your freezer or refrigerator is too warm. The power cool and freeze feature runs the refrigerator at full cooling capacity to rapidly cool food. You will appreciate saving perishable items before they spoil.

LED Lighting

Light-emitting diode LED lights operate at a lower temperature to increase efficiency. The cool, clean lighting eliminates any dark corners hiding your favorite snack. An LED bulb can run for 25,000 hours. For comparison, standard light bulbs typically last 1000 hours.

In-Door Icemaker

Lower cost-refrigerators lack ice makers, so you will appreciate the convenience of this feature. You don’t need to open the fridge door to use the ice maker and water dispenser, which supply crushed ice, cubed ice, and cold water. You can easily replace the water filter cartridge at regular intervals to maintain freshness.

ADA Compliant

This Samsung model is ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act sets uniform appliance standards supporting accessibility. ADA requirements state that side-by-side refrigerator controls must be within reach for a person in a wheelchair. Users must also be able to operate the fridge with one hand without undue wrist movement. ADA-compliant controls benefit all users through ease of use.


Samsung stands behind its products and provides excellent customer service. The Samsung RS25H5111SR comes with a one-year warranty on most parts. The warranty is five years for the sealed system supporting the refrigerant, and 10 years for the compressor. Samsung also covers labor for the first five years. The company has one of the best warranties compared to its competition.


This model lists for around $1,500 on the Samsung website. Prices may be lower at Home Depot or Lowes. It pays to shop around!

How Does This Model Compare to Others?

There are many side-by-side refrigerator models and manufacturers to choose from. Price, capacity, dimensions, and style can vary, so you want to find the best match for your purposes. Here are some comparable models to review.

Ease of Use

The model is easy to access with adjustable shelves and gallon door bins. It is not ADA compliant.

Build Quality

The Frigidaire model has similar build quality to other brands. The side-by-side configuration may limit placement of larger articles, but this is inherent in the design.


This model has one-year coverage for parts and labor. 

No products found.

No products found.

Ease of Use

The Grab-N-Go feature is a small door in a door. You can easily reach high-use items such as snacks without opening the main refrigerator door.

Build Quality

Kenmore builds products well. Sears offers local repair service if needed.


This model has one-year coverage for parts and labor and five-year coverage for the compressor unit. 

No products found.

No products found.

Ease of Use

This LG model has three refrigerator shelves and one freezer shelf for easy access.

Build Quality

Many users say favorable things about the build quality of LG refrigerators.


LG provides a one-year warranty for parts and labor, a five-year warranty for the sealed system, including parts and labor, and a 10-year, parts-only warranty for the linear/inverter compressor. 

Pros and Cons

Refrigerators last approximately 13 years, so you want to make the best possible choice. Here are some overall considerations to help your decision.

The multi-air flow system supported by two evaporators reduces spoilage, eliminates cross-compartment odors, and reduces energy costs. This design coupled with the digital inverter compressor significantly lowers noise levels.

The ADA-Compliant rating helps everyone. Samsung placed controls in easy reach within strict

This fridge has a strong warranty with one years for parts and labor, five years for the sealed system, including parts and labor, and 10 years for the digital inverter compressor parts. Samsung has a network of repair service providers throughout the United States.

This refrigerator model may cost more than others. You can comparison shop to find the best deal.ore than others. You can comparison shop to find the best deal.

The overall capacity may be slightly lower compared to similarly priced models. However, other key features can override this concern.


  • It features a multi-air flow system
  • ADA-compliant
  • Built in digital inverter compressor
  • Excellent warranty


  • Expensive compared to its competitors
  • It has a slightly lower capacity compared to its counterparts

So, How Should You Proceed?

We tend to take major appliances for granted. We see them every day yet rarely consider how they operate and what happens when they fail. Technology advances, and it pays to keep up with the latest information.

Use research to make the best possible purchase decision. Read a few articles about how refrigerators work so you can better compare features. New technological advances such as Samsung’s digital inverter compressor and dual-evaporator system make a significant difference in refrigeration operation and reliability. The power cool and freeze feature is more than some extra buttons on your unit. There may be a time when you put these features to use, and you will be glad you understand how they work.

Look at the competition to compare features. You will gain more knowledge and have more confidence in your Samsung purchase.

User reviews can be difficult to interpret when you see multiple different opinions. If you read through many reviews from various locations, you can spot general trends. Samsung products have a very good reputation.

Warranties are important. You may be surprised at the variation among manufacturers. You can find general warranty information in the product description on the company website. However, the best way to research specific warranty coverage is to read the owner’s manual. You can download the manual before purchasing the product. Detailed warranty information is typically in the last section. This Samsung model has a strong warranty with 10-year coverage of expensive replacement parts.

You will be pleased with the Samsung RS25H5111SR. The unique dual-evaporator design supports food freshness and reduces energy costs. The Energy Star and CEE ratings confirm the operating cost savings. ADA-compliant controls ensure you can easily reach and use all features. The 10-year compressor warranty provides peace of mind. 

Review Overview

  • Ease of Use (4.5 Stars)
  • Build Quality (5 Stars)
  • Warranty (5 Stars)

Overall Score

  • 8 Stars


The Samsung RS25H5111SR refrigerator is an excellent choice among side-by-side models. You will appreciate the technology operating behind the scenes that gives you the best environment to store your valuable groceries! 

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