RS25J500DSR: Is It the Best Samsung Refrigerator Model In The Market Today?


When you go into your kitchen, the chances are good that a frequent stop is at the refrigerator. It is probably one of the most popular appliances in your home and the one that everyone uses. It runs every day, all day without a break. It's hard working and very important to your family, so when your refrigerator gives up the ghost and it is time to get a new one, you will probably move fast.

If you are lucky, you had time to plan and shop around because you knew the time was coming soon when your old unit wouldn't be able to hold on anymore. However, more often, the appliance dies suddenly and that tosses you into the world of finding a refrigerator fast.

This task isn't easy since there are several categories of refrigerator styles and then even more different features to choose from. Jumping in and buying whatever you see first is a mistake. You need to learn more about your options, so to help you out, we've put together this review of the Samsung RS25J500DSR. Find out everything you need know about this option and see if it is the best choice for you.

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Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Refrigerator

Before you put the money down on a new refrigerator, there are some things you need to figure out. Just buying whatever one you see that fits your budget is likely to lead to disappointment. You need to know first what size you need. Make sure you have a good idea of the capacity, which is the inside space, needed for your family's routine storage needs. Also, measure your space at home. Make sure it will fit wherever you will put it and that it can get through the doors. Buying the wrong size refrigerator is the single most common error shoppers make.

After that, it is more about personal preferences and looking into your options to choose an appliance that will suit your needs. For example, if you hate having to bend down to get in the refrigerator, then consider a French door style with the refrigerator on top. The freezer is in a drawer at the bottom. There is also the bottom-freezer model, which has the refrigerator on top and freezer on the bottom in a more traditional style. You may just want a simple traditional freezer on top style or even like a side-by-side. Take a look at different options while in the store. Imagine using each one and choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.

Features are another optional thing to consider. Every refrigerator has some features. For example, they all have external coloring or material choices. They all have different drawer, bin and shelf configurations. Some may have ice makers. Some have dispensers in the doors. There are also traditional and LED lighting options. Some people prefer LED because it is brighter and take us less space than traditional lighting. You may find models with freezers that are lit, too. There are many different features. Be sure to look them over as you shop.

Review of the Samsung RS25J500DSR

SAMSUNG RS25J500DSR 36" Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator with...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

The Samsung RS25J500DSR is a side-by-side model refrigerator that comes in stainless steel. This is a more standard unit with few advanced features. However, it is well made and provides some great features that make it a step above basic units. For many people, this unit falls into the affordable price range where most shoppers are looking.

It offers 25 cubic feet of interior storage space. The interior is lit with LED lighting, which has many perks over the traditional lighting systems. It is brighter and the LED panels take up far less space, giving you more room for food. Not to mention, it uses far less energy.

The refrigerator features an external ice and water dispenser. The water is filtered for the best possible taste and bottled-water quality. You can choose between crushed or cubed ice delivered straight to your cup through the easy to use dispensing system.

All four shelves in the refrigerator are tempered glass with a spill-proof design to make accident cleanup easier. You get a humidity-controlled crisper, along with a one-gallon bin. The refrigerator also has two drawers and a dairy compartment. You get a total of 15.72 cubic feet of space in the refrigerator compartment. The freezer offers you 8.8 cubic feet. It also has lights, four shelves and three bins.

Operating the refrigerator is simple thanks to the digital LED display controls. They are found right on the front above the dispenser. The panel shows the temperature and monitors the water filter. You can control the ice maker and the dispenser with it as well. The Samsung RS25J500DSR does a great job of keeping your food at safe temperatures thanks to the multi cooling system with power freeze and power cool options.

When it comes to dimensions, the full dimensions are as follows:

  • Width: 35 3/4 inches
  • Height: 70 inches
  • Depth: 36 inches

You may also be interested in the dimensions without the doors and hinges because doors often need to be removed to move the unit into a home. These are as follows:

  • Width: 35 3/4 inches
  • Height: 68 1/2 inches
  • Depth: 29 7/16 inches

Looking at the warranty, you get one-year parts and labor warranty for the whole unit and a five-year parts and labor warranty for the sealed system.

The Cost of the Samsung RS25J500DSR

This is not a badly priced appliance. It falls in the mid-range of prices with the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Of course, you can often get discounts through careful shopping around. You may find hundreds off the price when you shop with the right retailer. Find this refrigerator pretty much anywhere kitchen appliances are sold.

The price of this refrigerator falls in the lower to mid-range. It isn't a tech-heavy unit by any means, but it does feature some higher end details. In addition, Samsung is a respected name that stands for high quality, which consumers are willing to pay a little more for. The side-by-side design may be playing second fiddle to French-door styles these days, but it still is beloved by many. It is especially nice for those with limited space who are also on a budget and cannot afford the huge price tags that often come with more high-tech, French-door units.

Comparison Shopping

Smart consumers know that looking at just one model of appliance and then buying is a bad idea. You need to compare the model you are considering to similar models. Look for differences and similarities and see how it stacks up. To make this easy, we have gathered the information here for you to look over on the RS25J500DSR and two similar models from two other manufacturers.

SAMSUNG RS25J500DSR 36" Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator with...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Out of the box, the Samsung RS25J500DSR is ready to go. It cools down quickly and even begins making ice soon after being first plugged in. The main complaint is the lighting is not well planned on this model. However, when it comes to overall quality, this unit is very highly rated.

Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality

Another top brand in this industry, LG is known for quality builds. The LSXS26336S side-by-side model gets good reviews, but it isn't rated as high as the Samsung model. The ice maker is not something many are a fan of due to it being slow to work. In addition, the clearance for the top of the unit is skewed due to the power cord connection being on top, which can make installation difficult. However, when it comes to performance, this seems to stack up well next to the Samsung.

Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality

Maytag MFF2055DRM 19.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door...
  • Monochromatic Stainless Steel Maytag 19.6 Cu Ft French Door REFR...
  • MFF2055DRM

The Maytag MFF2055DRM is a more standard top freezer model but falls in the same price range as the Samsung. It gets good reviews, but users had some issues with it quitting working after a couple years. However, most people are happy with the quality and feel they get great value for their money. This could be an alternative if you like this style.

Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality

RS25J500DSR Pros and Cons

There is good and bad about every product you buy. While you cannot trust consumer reviews 100 percent, they can be handy for figuring out the truth and getting to the bottom line about a product. To make it simple to know the truth, we have done the legwork for you. We gathered a lot of information from various sources to present you with an unbiased and accurate look at the pros and cons for the RS25J500DSR.


  • Quiet operation
  • Plenty of space
  • Very quick to get to temperature when first plugged in
  • Consistent temperature
  • Very easy to access items
  • Doors open easily
  • Tray-less dispenser is easier to keep clean
  • Has a high-end look
  • Has a perfect spot in freezer to hold pizzas without smashing them


  • Lighting placement means some areas are not well-lit
  • Dispenser does not have a light


Taking an overall look at the Samsung RS25J500DSR, it measures up nicely. It is at a good price point, especially considering the features. Similar models seem to lack either the style points or features that this one has. Consumers were quite happy over the performance of the unit, along with the spacious interior and the ability for it to cool quickly and produce ice at a good speed. These were things that were lacking when looking at similar models in this price range.

In addition, people thought overall usability was great. Shelves were pretty easy to adjust, the doors didn't have to be wrestled with to open, which is often an issue with side-by-sides that use the door to provide much needed interior space. Also, the whole unit is easy to clean. Not having a tray on the water dispenser is a blessing for those who have had to mess with mold issues in other models.

The freezer holds a unique spot to put frozen pizzas, which is actually huge for a side-by-side. One of the biggest issues with this style is it is hard to put items like pizzas in the freezer because space is vertical instead of horizontal. This can lead to smooshed pizzas. However, Samsung fixed the issue with a space that is perfect for a pizza to fit and be protected from damage.

On top of all this, people really like the look. Samsung may have designed this as a lower-end model among its offerings, but they did so without sacrificing the high-end look. They also didn't sacrifice quality, which is exceptional. However, that is to be expected from this brand, which consistently delivers winning appliances.

The downside to the Samsung RS25J500DSR seems to be lighting. It wasn't well planned and the overall lighting design fails to impress consumers as a whole. The lighting position inside the unit is just not ideal for offering enough light to see every space and to really light it up in a way that is useful. Another lighting issue is with the dispenser. It is not lit at all. That can make getting a quick drink at night complicated if you don't have good lighting in the kitchen. While lighting is a minor issue overall, it may be enough to discourage some buyers. That is why we knocked off half a star in our rating.

The bottom line is that we highly recommend the Samsung RS25J500DSR. It has excellent performance and exceptional quality. It delivers in the areas that matter most. Despite bad lighting configurations, consumers give this unit high ratings. It is hard to ignore all the good things being said about this model. Plus, it is hard to deny that Samsung produces quality products and pays attention to providing the important features that consumers love. Furthermore, this unit may be on the lower end of Samsung's offers, but it has just enough features to make it stand out.

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