Samsung RF263BEAESR Full Refrigerator Review and Information

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The technology of today has begun to seep into nooks and crannies of our lives where we may not have ever thought we would see it. It seems that an increasing number of our devices are beginning to be connected, whether to each other or to the internet, and strangely enough, refrigerators have also entered into this realm of connectivity with the smart fridge. While we will not be examining any of these types of refrigerators in this article, the fridge that finds our focus comes from a popular purveyor of these intelligent appliances: Samsung.

If you are in the market for a refrigerator, you’ve likely encountered a Samsung product even before this article as the South Korean conglomerate has quite a few to offer, both smart and otherwise. In this article, we will dive deeper into the specifications of the RF263BEAESR, one of Samsung’s modern refrigerators.

What is the Product?

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​The RF263BEAESR is one of Samsung’s new French-door refrigerators and keeps all of your perishable items frozen or cold by forcing refrigerant from a liquid state to a gas state and back again. This process begins with a compressor that compresses the liquid refrigerant into its beginning gaseous state. This pressurized gas then courses through piping that is on the interior and on the rear exterior of your refrigerator. Once the gas reaches the exterior piping, the ambient temperature of the kitchen allows the heat of the pressurized gas to dissipate, returning it to a liquid. This liquid then passes through an expansion valve, which has the high pressure liquid on one side and a low pressure area on the opposite side created by the compressor’s operation. The refrigerant is returned once again to a gas at the expansion valve and returns to the compressor where the cycle repeats.

​Product Specifications

The RF263BEAESR has many features and benefits that will be of interest to those who are searching for a new refrigerator. This model has a CoolSelect Pantry with an adjustable temperature to keep all of your fruits, vegetables and anything else that you’re storing in its ideal environment, and the Power Freeze and Power Cool options that give options for fast freezing and fast chilling.

You will also have plenty of organization options with three-gallon bins which are located in the French doors that are great for storing anything from milk to condiments. More storage options come from the two humidity-controlled crispers that will keep all of your produce fresh and tastes great, and the total capacity of 24.6 cubic feet in the refrigerator and 8 cubic feet in the freezer ensure that all of your groceries will have their own place. If you happen to leave those doors open after stocking them, the unit’s two-minute alarm will remind you to close it to save energy. Moreover, the external filtered water and ice dispenser offer easy access when you need refreshment.

Additionally, the interior of the refrigerator is lit with high-efficiency LED lighting, and the Twin Cooling System offers two evaporators for even more efficient cooling. This model has more customization options in the form of five tempered glass shelves that are easy to clean and offer a clear view into the contents of your refrigerator. What’s more is all five shelves are adjustable, so if that new juice that you’re trying is a bit taller than your go-to brand, you can just move the shelves to accommodate. The Surround Air Flow fan system will keep the optimal temperature by distributing cool air evenly.


The RF263BEAESR is priced in the middle tier range. Samsung also offers a payment of 12 months with no interest if paid in full within 12 months.

How It Compares

For those who are looking to make an investment in a new refrigerator, the purchase likely will not be one of impulse but may require some research on your part. Here, we have helped you out by comparing similar products from other brands that are similar to the Samsung RF263BEAESR.

    • ​Ease of Use

    ​The RF263BEAESR is as intuitive as a refrigerator should be. From the ice dispenser to the CoolSelect Pantry, you won’t even need to glance at the owner’s manual to operate any of this model’s features.

    • ​Build Quality

    The stainless steel of this refrigerator’s design makes for a well-constructed unit that has the sleekness that a modern kitchen demands. The fridge’s handles are also firmly affixed to the doors and span nearly the whole length of the doors as well which makes them easy to grip and pull.

    • ​Warranty

    ​This model offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor, which is typically standard for this type of unit.

      • ​Ease of Use

      Like Samsung’s model, the Frigidaire FGHB2868TF also has an intuitive design, with the top French doors opening to the refrigerated section and the drawer below opening to the freezer. The exterior water and ice dispenser has simple controls that make refreshing your beverage quick and easy, and even as you dive deeper into the options that the dispenser’s control panel offers, you will find navigating the menu to be second nature.

      • ​Build Quality

      ​The Frigidaire’s stainless steel material makes for a sturdy product and all of the technological inclusions are also of a quality build. From the effortless gliding drawer to the humidity-controlled crispers, it is obvious that this refrigerator was designed with care.

      • ​Warranty

      ​This model offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

        • ​Ease of Use

        ​The Whirlpool WRV986FDEM is as easy to use as any other refrigerator out there. The design offers two French doors that open to reveal the interior of the refrigerated space, with two exterior drawers below for storing items that require easy access. Below these is the drawer for the freezer. While the adjustable temperature for the exterior drawers may come as a surprise, their factory presets easily file all of your groceries into five categories to select from for optimal storage. The easy and intuitive design of the technological bells and whistles included in this model is really where it shines.

        • ​Build Quality

        ​Like our other two showcased models, the Whirlpool has a stainless steel smudge-resistant finish that keeps your appliance looking brand new. This also gives the unit a solid and sturdy feeling. From the icemaker to the glass shelves, everything about this refrigerator indicates that it is of a quality build.

        • ​Warranty

        ​This model offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

        Pros and Cons

        ​Now that we have examined some of the similarities and differences between the Samsung RF263BEAESR and other models, let us have a look at some of its own benefits and drawbacks.

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        • ​The Ice Master ice machine can make up to 10 pounds of ice per day. This ensures that you and your guests never run out.
        • ​The Twin Cooling Plus technology helps keep your produce fresh. By providing near-commercial grade humidity levels, your fruits and vegetables will keep for longer periods before they spoil. Additionally, cooler freezer air makes for less freezer burn and frozen food that tastes better when prepared.
        • ​With the RF263BEAESR, you also have access to fresh filtered water right in the door.
        • ​The CoolSelect Pantry is a full-width drawer with its own temperature control and is the perfect place for storing deli items, beverages, party platters and more. The CoolSelect Pantry also features a unique fan system that chills room-temperature beverages.
        • ​The two-tiered design of the pull-out freezer keeps all of your frozen items well organized, giving you the customization where you need it.
        • ​The shelves of the RF263BEAESR are not only glass but are adjustable as well. This offers even more customizability when it comes to how you store your groceries.
        • ​It’s Energy Star certified.


        • ​Other refrigerators can be found at a more cost effective price, albeit with fewer features.
        • ​Some customers have reported experiencing leakage from the water filtration system.
        • ​Some customers have reported over-icing of the ice maker.

        Buyer’s Guide

        ​If you are considering purchasing a new refrigerator, whether it is Samsung’s own RF263BEAESR or another refrigerator that you have found through your own research, you can make use of the following tips to ensure that you are purchasing the correct refrigerator for you and your family.

        • ​Keep your budget in mind. The purchase of a new refrigerator is an investment that you will likely keep around for years to come. While it is important to purchase a reputable unit that will not become obsolete in the span of a single year, it is just as important not to go overboard with excessive features. Create a budget for your purchase before you begin looking and stick to it.
        • ​Know the features available to you. While there are many models out there that will offer you features that you do not want or need, it is worth finding common features for models that fall within your price range. Narrow down a few features that you feel would be beneficial to you and your family in everyday use. Likewise, keep an eye out for frill features that will likely go unused and only drive up the cost of your refrigerator. Eliminating models with these types of features from your search can help you narrow your selection and keep your cost low.
        • ​Review feedback from customers who own the unit that you are interested in. Companies often display customer feedback right on their own websites. Examining what other customers think about the product is a tried-and-true way to gauge how you might receive the product yourself. Reading both positive and negative reviews can give you a clear idea about how you may like the refrigerator.
        • ​Measure your space prior to purchase. Before you add anything to your physical or digital cart, take care to make sure that your new unit will fit in your current space. Is your refrigerator currently occupying a space between a wall and a cabinet or two other immovable objects? Take measurements to compare with the dimensions of refrigerator models while you shop. Be sure to take measurements for the refrigerator’s length, width and height for the best results.
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        ​Whether you decide to purchase a refrigerator that you have found by your own volition or if you opt for the Samsung RF263BEAESR, these tips can help you to make the correct purchase. However, it is wise to keep in mind that only you know what product will work best for your living situation, budget and family.


        We believe that it is important to bring you accurate and honest information when it comes to the purchase of a new refrigerator, and all things considered, the Samsung RF263BEAESR is a great selection for a refrigerator in its price range. While some customers have experienced difficulties with a couple of the unit’s components, this appears to be an exception to the rule and not the norm. The RF263BEAESR offers many features that will be of use in your day to day life, including the water and ice dispenser and the full-width, temperature-controlled interior drawer. While this interior drawer is great for storing produce, it is also entirely functional as a controlled space to thaw frozen foods away from your other stored groceries.


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