Samsung RF28HDEDPWW Refrigerator Review – A Look at Its Specifications

samsung rf28hdedpww

Gone are the days when a refrigerator simply needed to keep food cold. With the latest technology being integrated in all sizes of refrigerators, there are far more options than ever. If you want a great refrigerator with some unique additions, consider the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW French-door refrigerator.

This guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW. Compare this refrigerator with other high-end French-door units, and find out the pros and cons of this Samsung refrigerator.

Choose a refrigerator that is built to last, offers plenty of storage space and uses the latest technology. This guide will help you uncover all the important details you need to consider when choosing the right unit for your kitchen, office or anywhere else you need premium refrigeration. If haven’t purchased a refrigerator lately, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the upgrades of the newest models.

What Is the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW?

This large refrigerator offers plenty of standard features as well as a few additional conveniences. With 28 cubic feet of storage and adjustable shelving, it’s one of the larger units on the market. Refrigerators typically range from 9 to 30 cubic feet. There are a few larger models, and mini refrigerators are even smaller, but this size is a general range for a standard unit. Consider this refrigerator if you have a large family or often host many people. If you are used to a smaller refrigerator, you may find this model far too big for a small family or couple. If you’re tired of a cramped refrigerator, however, you’ll love the extra space.

Before purchasing this model, be sure to check the dimensions and compare them with your kitchen. The last thing you want is a refrigerator that is too big for your kitchen.

The Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is a French-door style, which is a popular and convenient choice. This unit includes a bottom freezer and top refrigerator compartment. The refrigerator compartment has two doors for greater convenience. You can open a single door to quickly reach certain items, and each door is half the width of the refrigerator, so you don’t need as much space in front of the unit to accommodate the large door swing of standard refrigerators.

However, top-freezer units are the most energy-efficient refrigerator style. Samsung refrigerators all have Energy Star ratings, but the cost of electricity will vary between different models. This large French-door refrigerator will cost more than a smaller, more efficient design.

All Samsung refrigerators come with a one-year warranty and free delivery and installation. If you purchase from a department store or online retail store, be sure that your purchase includes free delivery as well. Many retail stores also offer a refrigerator buy-back program, so consider returning your old refrigerator for even more convenience.

While there are many great Samsung refrigerator models available, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW combines a large frame, a few great features and a competitive price tag.

Check out the specifications for more details about this particular refrigerator. 


  • $2,736
  • French-Door Style
  • 28 cubic feet
  • Showcase Door
  • Stainless Steel Cooling Panels
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Ice Maker
  • Digital Water and Ice Dispenser
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Customer Rating: 4.4 stars

One refrigerator door is equipped with a dual-door design that allows you to easily access smaller items without opening the entire refrigerator compartment. All the door panels are stainless steel, which insulates better than other materials.

It includes a range of more standard features as well, such as the ice maker that holds up to 4.2 pounds of ice while taking up less space in your refrigerator. The water dispenser has a convenient LED display and is designed for filling pitchers or large glasses. It can dispense both cubed and crushed ice as well as filtered water.

This French-door refrigerator has three doors, which is standard. Samsung and other brands also feature four-door models, which offer even more space and convenience. Many customers prefer a French-door model because of the convenience of storage compartments. Unlike a side-by-side refrigerator, a French-door unit has full-length freezer and refrigerator compartments.

Like most Samsung refrigerators, this model includes LED lighting that is not only bright but also energy-efficient. The crisper drawers are adjustable and spacious, so there’s plenty of room for fresh produce. However, because it is a French-door refrigerator, it isn’t as energy-efficient as other models.

Unlike traditional freezer doors, this door pulls straight out, just like the shelves inside. This allows you to access the freezer from either side, which is far more convenient than a swinging door.

Choose from stainless steel, black stainless steel or white exteriors to match your kitchen decor. Stainless steel is a durable choice, but fingerprints are usually more visible on these highly polished surfaces.

Overall, customers love this durable and spacious refrigerator. It’s a great price for the size and comes with some great functionality. However, some customers feel the door bins are smaller than those in competing refrigerators. The ice-crushing function is also less efficient than customers would like. 


The Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is competitively priced in terms of cubic feet. There are few refrigerators with more than 28 cubic feet at this price range. However, this particular model has fewer additional features than many other refrigerators. Without any smart features, a hands-free water dispenser or extra-large door bins, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW seems more generic than other refrigerators at this cost.

In terms of all refrigerators, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is quite expensive. You can find refrigerators for as little as $350 or as much as $4,000. This makes the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW one of the more expensive refrigerators on the market.

You can order this refrigerator online from Samsung’s online store, or you can shop for Samsung refrigerators at Sears, Home Depot or other department stores. Be sure to look for free delivery and installation, and consider purchasing an extended warranty or matching appliances to complete your dream kitchen. Thankfully, the stainless steel and white exterior options for the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW will match most kitchen styles. 

How It Compares

The Samsung RF28HDEDPWW has plenty of competition. These refrigerators aren’t the most premium on the market, but they each offer a spacious option with a few bells and whistles. When comparing them, consider which features will be most useful for you.

Many customers choose to compare refrigerators based on cubic feet of storage space. This allows you to maximize storage capacity for the best price. Consider the external dimensions of each refrigerator, as some large models may not fit in your kitchen.

Another way to compare similar refrigerators is to analyze their special features. Look at the bells and whistles that come with a unit, such as a spacious water dispenser, convenient dual-door features or smart refrigerator capabilities.

All the refrigerators on this list have a very similar price. Unless you find a great deal on a specific refrigerator, you can expect to pay about the same price for any of these models. Each refrigerator also has a one-year warranty, which is standard in the industry. This warranty also covers installation, so be sure to purchase your refrigerator from a store that offers free installation. Most brands also offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor, which is also standard. 

Ease Of Use

Build Quality


Don’t let the cubic feet fool you. This deceptively spacious French-door refrigerator is designed to be counter-depth. This gives your kitchen a smooth, built-in look. There’s plenty of adjustable shelving, just like the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW. However, even with the shelving it’s still missing six cubic feet of storage space, which is noticeable.

The water dispenser is very spacious and is designed to allow you to set pitchers down on the convenient tray. That way, you won’t have to hold a heavy glass or pitcher while you fill it with ice and filtered water.

Customers love this efficient and stylish refrigerator. However, in terms of storage space and additional features, it’s far behind its competitors. Each refrigerator on this list is very competitive in pricing, but this model is slightly less expensive than other similar refrigerators. It’s a great choice if you want a sleek, premium refrigerator that doesn’t sacrifice quality to achieve a compact shape. 

Kenmore 4675043 Smart French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator, 24  cu....
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up and free optional haul-away at checkout
  • Control your Kenmore Smart refrigerator from anywhere with Alexa. Through the app or with voice commands, you can...
  • This refrigerator is designed to fit your fresh and frozen favorites. Features like the exclusive 2 SlideAway shelves...

Ease Of Use

Build Quality


Slightly larger and definitely smarter, the Kenmore Elite 75053 is the only smart refrigerator on this list. This feature allows you to sync your refrigerator with your phone via the Kenmore SMART app. The app allows you to check out basic statistics such as temperature and filter life status as well as answer nagging questions such as, “Is my refrigerator door open?” Smart refrigerators have the handy feature you didn’t know you needed. Some customers feel it’s more gimmicky than helpful, but many customers love the convenience of the SMART app.

This Kenmore refrigerator comes with other features that are more comparable with the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, such as a water and ice dispenser with a filter. Just like the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, there’s a second ice maker in the freezer, so you won’t have to worry about running out of ice. It doesn’t come in black stainless steel that the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW offers and is only available in traditional stainless steel.

Just like the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, this refrigerator comes with a convenient dual-door system that allows you easy access to small items normally stored in door bins.

Customers love the convenience of this refrigerator. However, it’s still far fewer cubic feet of storage than the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW or LG Electronics LFXS29626S. 

LG LFXS29626B 28.8 Cu. Ft. Black French Door Refrigerator - Energy...
  • Glide N' Serve Crisper Drawer
  • Fresh Air Filter
  • SpillProtector Shelves

Ease Of Use

Build Quality


The largest refrigerator on the list and one of the most affordable large refrigerators, the LG Electronics LFXS29626S has all the basic necessities with few unique features.

Rather than having smart technology or unique door designs, this refrigerator offers a simple French-door design with plenty of room. The ice and water dispenser is tall enough for most pitchers to easily fit and pairs well with the freezer ice maker.

You’ll feel safer with the air filter, water filter and child lock on this family-friendly refrigerator. It’s larger than the other refrigerators but doesn’t include as many half shelves as the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW. Half shelves allow more customization of the interior, allowing you to divide the contents more easily.

Customers love the large storage space and efficient ice maker of this refrigerator. It’s the best option for sheer storage space. However, it’s also the most expensive refrigerator on the list. It doesn’t come with the convenient dual-door system that the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW and the Kenmore Elite 75053 come with.


  • Convenient Door Design
  • Superior Insulation
  • Spacious


  • Small Door Binsweakest of the units
  • Not Counter-Depth 


Whether or not this is your first refrigerator, the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW is a reliable and spacious option. It comes with a few unique features, but overall, it has a traditional French-door design and maximizes the cubic feet for its cost. While it is slightly smaller than the LG Electronics LFXS29626S, the dual-door system gives you a convenient way to grab a drink or condiment while saving on energy costs.

Choose this refrigerator if you want a premium, spacious option. Remember, however, that it may not fit in all kitchens and doesn’t include some more unique refrigerator features such as smart capabilities. With all the latest technology being introduced to refrigerators, it can be difficult to determine which feature is useful and which is a fad. Now that you have a better understanding of the Samsung RF28HDEDPWW, you’ll be able to compare it to other premium French-door refrigerators and purchase the best option for your home.

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