Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Refrigerator Review And Information

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​Like most other technology that we encounter in our day to day lives, refrigerators have evolved greatly from the product that was first introduced on the market to consumers. From smart fridges to experimental rotating shelf designs, the refrigerator has seen steady changes.

The French door design is popular among many modern consumers, as are side-by-side models that split the refrigerator vertically with equal space for the fridge and freezer. The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR is the focus of our review and one of the former styles. While the South Korean conglomerate is best known for its personal electronic devices and televisions, Samsung’s forays into the realm of the kitchen have been met with great success.

What is the Product?

The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR is a French door style refrigerator with an exterior drawer and pull-out freezer. The refrigerator keeps all of your goods chilled or frozen through a process that involves forcing liquid refrigerant through a copper line set that courses inside your refrigerator and along the back of it as well. The process starts with a compressor inside the appliance that condenses liquid refrigerant into a gaseous state.

This pressurized gas is then forced through the copper piping inside your fridge. When the gas reaches the piping that is outside the back of the refrigerator, the ambient temperature surrounding the piping allows for the heat of the pressurized gas to dissipate. When the heat disperses, the refrigerant then becomes a liquid once again. The liquid then passes through an expansion valve, which is pressurized on the side that the liquid is on and has low pressure on its other side. The liquid returns to a gaseous state at the expansion valve return to the compressor, and the cycle repeats.

Product Specifications

The RF28HMEDBSR has many features and benefits that will interest those who are looking for a new refrigerator. This model has a 28. cu. ft. ultra-large capacity interior that can fit up to 28 bags of groceries, according to the manufacturer. The exterior FlexZone drawer is at counter-height and is perfect for organizing your items with the adjustable Smart Divider. There are even four different temperature control settings that allow the drawer to go from chill to soft freeze.

The RF28HMEDBSR is also equipped with Twin Cooling Plus which maintains high levels of humidity in the refrigerator and dry conditions in the freezer. The Ice Master in the refrigerator can also produce up to 10 lbs. of ice per day, stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice, and it has a sleek design to save you space. The high-efficiency LED lights will keep the interior lit so that you never have trouble finding your items, which ultimately keeps your fridge free from forgotten leftovers.

Additionally, LED's emit less heat and are more energy efficient than conventional lightning. Moreover, the shelves are adjustable, thus allowing you to customize how you store all of your food.

The RF28HMEDBSR is also equipped with a water and ice dispenser that has an LED display. Here, you can control your refrigerator’s settings at the touch of a button. The dispenser has a tall opening, which lets you fill pitchers and tall glasses with ease. The ice and water from the dispenser are also filtered, ensuring that you have clean and fresh tasting water on demand. The Samsung fridge has also received Energy Star certification and can help you save on your energy costs.


The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR can be purchased online for about .

How It Compares

​If you are interested in making a new investment in a refrigerator, your purchase will probably not be impulsive, and it may require you to conduct further research in your own time. However, we have already begun this process for you by comparing the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR to other similar products.

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    • ​Ease of Use

    The RF28HMEDBSR is as intuitive as a refrigerator should be. With the easy to use LED display and easily navigable options, you won’t even need to glance at the owner’s manual to operate any of this model’s features.

    • ​Build Quality

    The stainless steel of this refrigerator’s design makes for a well-constructed unit that has the sleekness that a modern kitchen demands. The drawers are designed to glide, even when full. The fridge’s handles are also firmly affixed to the doors and span nearly their entire length, which makes them easy to grip and pull.

    • ​Warranty

    ​This model offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, which is typically standard for this type of unit.

    Samsung RF28HMEDBSR

      • ​Ease of Use

      ​Like Samsung’s model, Frigidaire’s FGHB2868TF is also designed intuitively. It has French doors for access to the refrigerated section and a drawer below which opens to the freezer. The exterior ice and water dispenser makes grabbing a quick and refreshing drink a breeze. For those who want to customize their refrigerator, the control panel offers an easily navigable menu.

      • ​Build Quality

      ​The stainless-steel material makes Frigidaire’s refrigerator a sturdy product. All of the modern functions are also built with care. The humidity-controlled crispers are just as easy to use as the effortless gliding drawer to the freezer. It is obvious Frigidaire designed this model with care.

      • ​Warranty

      ​This model offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

      ​Frigidaire FGHB2868TF

        • ​Ease of Use

        ​The Whirlpool WRV986FDEM is as easy to use as any other refrigerator out there. The unit is built with two French doors that open to reveal the interior of the refrigerated space, and it also has two exterior draws below the French doors that allow you to store your items in a customized manner. Below these drawers is the drawer for the freezer. While the adjustable temperature for the exterior drawers may come as a surprise, the presets the factory included makes it simple to organize and store your groceries in their optimal environment. The easy and intuitive design of the technological features included in this model is really where it shines.

        • ​Build Quality

        ​Like our other two showcased models, the Whirlpool has a stainless steel and smudge resistant finish that keeps your appliance looking brand new. The finish also gives the unit a solid and sturdy feeling. From the icemaker to the glass shelves, everything about this refrigerator indicates that it is a quality build.

        • ​Warranty

        ​This model offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

        ​Whirlpool WRV986FDEM

        Pros and Cons

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        • ​FlexZone drawers allow you to organize your items however you like using the adjustable dividers, and FlexZone includes temperature settings from chill to soft freeze.
        • ​The shelves are adjustable which lets you store whatever you need to regardless of the container’s dimensions.
        • ​Twin Cooling Plus gives you the humidity that you need in your refrigerator while maintaining dry conditions in the freezer to prevent freezer burn.
        • ​The Ice Master keeps your ice stocked, and can produce up to 10 lbs. of ice per day while having a storage capacity of 4.2 lbs.
        • ​The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR is Energy Star Certified and helps you cut your energy costs.
        • ​An external water and ice dispenser makes cold filtered drinks easily accessible.


        • ​Some customers have reported slow freezing times.

        Buyer’s Guide

        ​If you are considering purchasing a new refrigerator, you can make use of the tips in our buyer’s guide. Whether you decide to purchase Samsung’s RF28HMEDBSR or another refrigerator that you find through your own research, using our guide can help to guarantee that you make the right selection for you and your family.

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        • ​Make a budget for your new investment. Refrigerators generally are products that will be kept for years in a single household. While it is important to find a model that will last through those years, it is just as important to set a budget for yourself and not to exceed that budget as long as you can find a refrigerator that fits your needs within it. Make your budget realistic to the products that you are considering.
        • ​To help create your budget, it is vital that you understand the features offered by different refrigerator units. Exploring these features can help guide you to find a model that fits your needs. Selecting models that have similar features is a great way to narrow your options as well as find out which features are available for fridges in your price range. By this same token, keep an eye out for models that have frill features that will go unused. Eliminating fridges with features that you do not find useful can help keep the cost of your new investment low.
        • Review the opinions and feedback of customers who have already purchased the unit that you are interested in. Often, customer feedback and reviews can be found directly on the company’s website, and many companies will showcase the best and worst reviews. It is wise to look at both the positive and negative reviews of any given product. The positive reviews can affirm the things that you think you might enjoy, while the negative reviews might highlight any given issue that frequently occurs with the product if any at all.
        • ​Measure your current space. This is an often-forgotten step when purchasing new appliances, but knowing how much room you have to work with is essential to prevent ending up with an appliance that doesn’t fit where you need it to. Compare the dimensions of your space with the fridge’s measurements to ensure the best fit.


        We believe that it is important to provide accurate and honest information when it comes to guiding you through your next refrigerator purchase.  Because of this, we scour the web for every detail that is available about a product, from its features to its downfalls. After our review, we are confident in recommending the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR to any person who is interested in purchasing a new refrigerator. We understand that this is an investment, but this product should last you for years to come.

        With all of the features and benefits that are associated with the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR, we know that this unit will withstand the test of time. The refrigerator is designed with you in mind and offers multiple options for customization of your storage space. You can even adjust to different areas of the refrigerator for controlled humidity and temperature in order to store all of your food in an environment that keeps it fresh and tasting great.

        The RF28HMEDBSR has ample storage space, with 28 cu. ft. of room in the refrigerated section alone. Samsung also included the exterior drawer, which is at counter-height, so that you can avoid stooping or bending down to reach items that you like to have in a convenient location. The in-door ice and water dispenser also provides fresh filtered water and ice on demand; additionally, the Ice Master has the potential to make up to 10 lbs. of ice per day. If you are one who loves to host, you will never have to worry about your guests running out of ice for their beverages, as the ice maker can hold up to 4.2 lbs. of ice at a time.

        For those who wish to make the investment in a new kitchen appliance, the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR offers a great many features for a lower cost than similar Frigidaire and Whirlpool models. The refrigerator also has a sleek and fingerprint resistant design that makes it a great addition to any modern home. Furthermore, this Samsung refrigerator will help you save on your electric costs because it is Energy Star certified. 


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