Our Top Choice Of The Best Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator In The Market

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A mini fridge can be a lifesaver. Whether you need a place for your college dorm drinks, break room lunches or extra refrigeration in the garage, a mini refrigerator can be just what you need. Here is a list of the top Whirlpool mini refrigerator in 2018.

You’ll find answers to all the questions you may have about mini refrigerators, and a helpful comparison list to choose the best mini fridge for you. While each of these tiny, drink-toting cubes may appear the same, there are a range of features, sizes and prices to choose from. With the right mini refrigerator, you’ll never have a warm drink or room-temperature packed lunch again. Whirlpool has a versatile line of refrigerators, so you’ll find the perfect choice on this comprehensive list.


1. Why Choose a Mini Fridge?

2. Types of Mini Fridge?

3. Is a Mini Fridge Energy Efficient?

4.  Do Whirlpool Mini Refrigerators Come With a Warranty?

How We Reviewed

Each Whirlpool mini refrigerator was chosen with the help of customer ratings, best-selling statistics and professional reviews. There are a range of options available, and this guide won’t point out which single refrigerator is the best for you. Instead, you’ll find all the pros and cons of each model, and then you can use that knowledge to pick the best choice for your lifestyle. Each mini fridge is unique in a specific way, so only you know which one will work best for you, whether you need a mini refrigerator for your RV, tiny home or college dorm.

There are many ways to choose the best mini fridge. You can compare the price and choose the least expensive mini fridge on the list; or, if you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, compare the price with the cubic feet. Be sure to take into account quality of features, like the stainless-steel build of the 5.1 cubic foot mini fridge. Each refrigerator has their own pros and cons, so look at each option closely before choosing the perfect fridge. Whirlpool isn’t the only company to offer an impressive line of mini fridges. However, this list will review only models that are built by Whirlpool.

Price Range

Mini fridges can range wildly in price, and Whirlpool mini refrigerator models are no exception. Each of the mini refrigerators on this list is cost-effective for its size and features, but their prices range from a hundred and forty dollars to almost a grand. With such a wide price range, take some time to determine your budget. If you are looking for the most durable, reliable and efficient mini fridge, consider more premium-priced models. For an affordable refrigerator, look at some of the less expensive choices. However, cheaper mini refrigerators will have less storage capacity, fewer features and lower quality components.

These mini refrigerators can be purchased at a variety of locations. You can find Whirlpool mini refrigerator at retail stores, like Target and Best Buy, both online and in-store. Other online stores, like Amazon, also feature some models. Of course, you can always purchase them straight from Whirlpool’s website. Shop around before you buy, as these popular mini fridges are often offered with a student discount.

Best Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator

5.1 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

5.1 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

image source: bestbuy.com

The best of the best comes with some high-quality features that may remind you of your full-sized refrigerator. The 5.1 cubic foot mini fridge comes with the most storage space of any model on this list. You’ll be amazed at what an extra cubic foot looks like with these compact refrigerators, and even more amazed when compared to the tiny 2.7 cubic foot models. This mini fridge comes with LED lights, which are energy efficient and effective. If you’re concerned about forgetful use, you’ll enjoy the door alarm that warns you if it’s left open for too long. It’s great if you have children, or if you tend to be distracted in the kitchen or break room. The sturdy, transparent glass shelves are designed to keep liquids from spilling down to the bottom shelf, and the door is reversible, so you can easily choose to open this mini refrigerator from the left or right. Electronic controls are simple to use and easy to read. Of course, this refrigerator is far more expensive than every other Whirlpool mini refrigerator on this list. It’s not a great budget choice, but it’s perfect for someone who wants a durable and reliable refrigerator.

4.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

4.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

image source: bestbuy.com

The sleek, stainless-steel-like door makes this mini refrigerator look and feel like a premium choice without the cost of a full stainless-steel design. It’s a very spacious mini fridge and works great in an office or dorm room. There’s room for a six beverage can dispenser, a 2-liter bottle and even a small freezer shelf. The crisper drawer on the bottom helps keep your fruit and vegetables fresh. Despite the small size, the organization of this mini fridge will remind you of a full-sized model. The reversible door and free-standing design make it easy to find the perfect spot for this refrigerator. While it doesn’t have the stainless-steel body or digital controls of the 5.1 cubic foot refrigerator, it’s far more cost effective.

3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

image source: bestbuy.com

A great mid-sized choice, this refrigerator is smaller, less expensive and more compact than the 4.6 cubic foot mini fridge. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy most of the same features. It doesn’t include a crisper drawer, but still has a freezer compartment, can dispenser and space for a 2-liter bottle. This model still uses glass shelving, for transparent and easily-cleaned surfaces. If you’re looking for a reasonably large mini refrigerator, but need an affordable option, this mini fridge is an excellent choice.

2.7 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

Whirlpool 2.7 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator - Stainless Steel

The most affordable and portable mini refrigerator by Whirlpool, the 2.7 cubic foot fridge has all the basic functions you need, without the additional cost. You can still fit a 2-liter bottle and up to four drink cans inside, and there’s a mini freezer compartment as well. While it isn’t the most spacious option, you can’t beat this lightweight and compact design. It’s perfect for light use, or an office environment. However, there isn’t a crisper drawer, and the freezer section is quite small. Plan on only having one small package in the freezer, otherwise you may not have enough room. If you’re looking for a great deal and don’t need much room, this is a perfect choice.

2.7 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center Mini Fridge

2.7 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center Mini Fridge

image source: target.com

This unique option is the most specialized mini refrigerator on the list. If you’re looking for a place to store your beverage cans, this is the mini fridge for you. You can store an impressive 75 cans in this compact mini fridge, and the transparent door makes it easy to see what you have. It’s perfect for a garage drink station, or for a small business or party. The chrome plated wire shelving provides a sturdy place to store all the cans you need.

If you are looking for a mini fridge for your kitchen or wine bar, this unit is designed to be either free standing or to fit under your countertop. However, the door on this refrigerator isn’t reversible, so you’ll have to accommodate the right hinge design. Because of its specialized design, this refrigerator isn’t a great option if you want to store anything beyond beverage cans. It’s also more expensive than the similar-sized standard mini refrigerator.

Comparison Table



Key feature


5.1 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

5.1 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge


• ​Stainless-steel

• ​41-64 degrees

​35” x 24” x 35”

4.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

4.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge


• ​Stainless-steel look

• ​7 cu. ft. freezer compartment

​6” x 22.6” x 38.6”

​3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge


• ​Stainless-steel look

• ​Freezer compartment

​3” x 19.4” x 21.1”

2.7 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

​2.7 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge


• ​Stainless-steel look

• ​2 cu. ft. freezer compartment

​69” x 19.13” x 19.69”

​2.7 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center Mini Fridge


• ​Stainless-steel look

• ​75 beverage can capacity

​69” x 18.9” x 18.7”

The Verdict

While on the surface these refrigerators all look very similar, there’s a surprising range of features with the Whirlpool mini refrigerator line. Now that you have all the information, you can choose the best mini fridge for your needs. If you want the most premium and convenient model, choose the 5.1 cubic foot mini fridge. Or, for a more well-rounded approach, the 3.5 cubic foot mini fridge is another bestseller. Consider a more specialized approach and use the 2.7 cubic foot beverage center to host parties or quench your thirst in the garage or office. Whatever your refrigerator needs, these top-rated Whirlpool mini refrigerator of 2018 offer some of the best value on the market.


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