WRS322FDAM Whirlpool Refrigerator: How It Stacks Up To The Competition


Major home appliances include the washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator. Going without out the washer, dryer or stove is a hassle, but it can usually be worked around for a little bit. Going without the refrigerator is a whole other story. You will have a hard time keeping fresh food in your home without one. That is why when a refrigerator breaks down, most people immediately head out to buy a new one.

However, with all the options on the market, it can be tough to know you are making the right decision. Whether you buy new or used, it helps to know more about the appliance you are considering. We understand the demands on your time and know that sifting through all the options available is something you probably do not have the time to do.

We want to make it simple for you by reviewing the Whirlpool WRS322FDAM. Take a closer look at the important information regarding this model. Find out if it suits your needs. Discover how it compares to similar models. Make an informed decision after reading our comprehensive review.

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Helpful Refrigerator Buying Advice

As you embark upon your path to a new refrigerator, you will come across a lot of information and have to make a lot of choices. There are a few main things that you need to think about when buying a refrigerator. If you focus on these specific points, then you should find it much easier to narrow down your choices to find the right appliance to buy.

The first consideration is size. Size is essential because it is the biggest issue most people have with a new refrigerator. You will see a lot of complaints from people about the size, either inside or the overall dimensions of the unit. To make sure size is not an issue for you, do some prep work. First, measure the space where your refrigerator will go. Check height, width and depth. This will tell you what dimensions to look for when shopping. Then, find out what the capacity is of your current refrigerator. If it has been working just fine, then choose a new refrigerator with the same capacity. Otherwise, go smaller or larger to meet your needs.

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The second thing is the style. This really has to do with how the doors open and where the freezer is located. The traditional style is divided horizontally and has the freezer on top or bottom. It uses large doors that swing open. They need clearance to open all the way, which could be an issue in a smaller sized kitchen. There is the side-by-side model, which is split vertically with the freezer on one side and refrigerator on the other. Because it is vertically split, the doors are shorter, making it work for cramped spaces. However, it also means a very thin freezer, which may not work for everyone. Finally, there is the French-door. It has a freezer on the bottom that is a drawer style, so it pulls out. The refrigerator is vertically split, so it doesn't require a lot of clearance to open. It is a good cross between the traditional and side-by-side styles.

Finally, you have to think about features. However, do not get carried away. Sure, everyone would love a refrigerator with all of the latest and greatest features, but most people can't afford one. Features can really raise the prices, so consider what features you have to have. For example, if you must have an ice maker, then focus on that and maybe one or two other features you cannot live without.

All You Need To Know About the WRS322FDAM

Whirlpool WRS322FDAM 22 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side-By-Side...
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • LED interior lighting
  • Flush exterior filtered water and ice dispenser

The Whirlpool WRS322FDAM is a side-by-side model refrigerator. It comes in monochromatic stainless steel with smooth, flat doors and reach-through handles. The main features include:

  • SpillGuard glass shelves
  • Adjustable gallon door bins
  • Exterior ice and water dispenser
  • Adaptive defrost
  • LED lighting
  • EveryDrop water filter

Be aware that this model is a lower-end model. It does not come with many features that are standard on basic models today. You should carefully look over the standard features and compare them to newer models similar in style to get a better idea of what this refrigerator may be missing.

This unit measures in with a width of 32 3/4 inches, a depth of 34 5/8 inches and a height of 65 7/8 inches. With the doors off the depth is 27 1/2 inches. To give you an idea of the space needed with the doors open 90 degrees, the depth is 49 7/8 inches. This comes in handy when you have a smaller kitchen where space is limited. Knowing these measurement details ensures you find the right refrigerator to fit your space.

The total capacity for the unit is 21 cubic feet. The freezer has 6.77 cubic feet and the refrigerator has 14.45 cubic feet. You are getting more than double the refrigerator space to combat the common issues with having enough space to fit bigger items in the refrigerator compartment.

The freezer features three shelves, while the refrigerator also has three shelves. In addition, it has one deli drawer and one humidity-controlled drawer. There is an additional drawer without climate control. It is all lit with LED lighting. The freezer also has an ice maker with an external dispenser. The ice and water that comes through the dispenser run through a filter that is externally located. The dispenser does have a child lock and offers your choice of crushed or cubed ice.

How Much Does It Cost?

Whirlpool has actually discontinued the WRS322FDAM. This means you cannot buy it new from most retailers. You may be able to find it new from overstock or clearance retailers. However, more likely you will have to buy it used if you really want this model.

Because it is no longer made by Whirlpool or sold through conventional retail channels, we cannot give a price. The price you pay will highly depend on where you buy it. If you are looking at buying used from a private seller, you will probably pay a low price, especially if you are picking it up yourself. However, if you do manage to find a new one from a retailer who sells discontinued goods, then you will pay a bit more, probably closer to lower-end refrigerators currently on the market that are similar in style and features.

Do keep in mind with a discontinued model, you probably won't get a warranty of any kind. You may also find it hard to get parts when service is needed. It is worth looking into those details before you buy. Saving a couple hundred bucks buying a discontinued model may not be worth the hassle.

Comparing the WRS322FDAM to Similar Models

Good shopping habits involve making comparisons between products to see which one is the best. We wanted to make it simple for you to comparison shop, so we took the WRS322FDAM and two similar models from two other manufacturers and compared them for you below. See how the WRS322FDAM measures up.

Whirlpool WRS322FDAM 22 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side-By-Side...
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • LED interior lighting
  • Flush exterior filtered water and ice dispenser

When the WRS322FDAM was still on the market, it got pretty decent reviews. Consumers seemed very pleased with their purchase, and it seemed to be a good seller. However, it does seem to have some issues that are hard to look past in regard to build quality and ease-of-use.

Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality

The Frigidaire FFHX2325TS is similar in style, features and size to the Whirlpool model. People either love this or hate it. Those who love it really like the way it looks modern and sleek. They also find it is easy to organize the interior. Those who had issues with it said the ice maker is poor quality and does not produce ice at a good speed and is noisy.

Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality

LG LSXS22423B 22.1 Cu. Ft. Black Side-By-Side Refrigerator
  • 3 Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • 3 Gallon Bins
  • SpacePlus Ice System

LG is known for higher-end, high-quality appliances. The LG LSXS22423B does not stray from this. While this unit is on LG’s lower-end spectrum, it still is impressive. It gets good reviews from consumers with the biggest issues being defects that were quickly remedied by LG. There are also some lighting issues with it being a little inadequate to light the whole interior.

Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality

WRS322FDAM Pros and Cons

Getting to know what consumers think can help you to make the most informed decision. Nothing tells you more about people's thoughts than a pros and cons list. We did the work for you of looking into opinions from experts and consumers, along with doing some research into the WRS322FDAM so put together the following pros and cons list that is accurate and unbiased.


  • Excellent seal
  • Roomy refrigerator compartment
  • Lighting is exceptional
  • Height is perfect for space-challenged kitchens
  • Lighting in freezer is handy
  • It has an impressive icemaker, capable of making a lot of ice and fast.


  • Freezer is too small
  • Drawers break easily
  • Dispenser is not lit
  • comes with a fairly robust warranty

One final note on the fact this model is discontinued. Since it is no longer on the market and is an older model, that must be taken as a con towards the Whirlpool WRS322FDAM model. It will be more difficult to find parts, there may be no warranty offered and buying one can be more difficult as well. The good news is that it is a recently discontinued model, so you still may find good deals and easily gets parts for repairs.


In complete honesty, we would probably not recommend buying the Whirlpool WRS322FDAM refrigerator. Our main reason is that it is a discontinued model that lacks build quality to match models still on the market. You may be better off choosing a model Whirlpool still makes if you really want this brand or going with another brand entirely.

The main complaints about quality are hard to ignore especially since this model is no longer made. If a drawer cracks or a shelf breaks, you are probably not going to be able to get it replaced. Not to mention that you probably won't get a manufacturer's warranty to begin with, so any repairs will come right from your pocket. It may not be worth the risk.

If you are sure this is the right model for you, then shop carefully, especially if buying used. Check it out to be sure it works and is in excellent condition. You should also make sure you are not paying so much that should you need to do repairs you would pay out more than an alternative unit would cost.

For most people, this refrigerator, even if it was new would probably not work. It was designed for a single person or couple of people to use it. The freezer is less than half the size of the refrigerator and can be difficult to get into and organize. If you don't use the freezer a lot, then that may not matter to you. This would work best if that is the case. It was not designed for high use and large amounts of groceries. However, if you fit into the target market, then it may be worth tracking down one of these Whirlpool WRS322FDAM models.

The bottom line is that we hesitate to recommend this model because it is discontinued. That makes it hard to repair and can lead to issues with having to spend more than you want to get it fixed or to replace it. In addition, the refrigerator is roomy, but the freezer is lacking. It is not a good family refrigerator, especially if you like frozen pizzas. The best we can say is that this would work for someone on a very tight budget who is looking for a refrigerator that doesn't need to hold a lot of groceries. If you fit that description, then you might want to search around for where it may be sold. Since it is recently discontinued, you may still find it in some stores.

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